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If you are still locked out of iMessage after 24 hours, you should do the following: Check that your version of iOS is up to date (find out which is the latest version of the iPhone operating.. First off, you must ensure you have a proper internet connection on your iOS device. iMessage may not work if there is poor Wi-Fi or cellular connection Tap your Apple ID (it will either be at the top or at the bottom) and select Sign Out. Toggle off iMessage (or FaceTime, if that's what's not working). Go to Wi-Fi in the Settings app and toggle Wi-Fi off and back on. Wait a few minutes, then toggle iMessage back on

What to do when iMessage won't activate on your iPhone

If the iMessage notification issue occurs due to a bug or glitch in your iPhone's OS functionality, upgrading its operating system could help. Go to Settings > General > Software Update. If there's.. From the Messages window turn iMessage back on and sign back into your Apple ID account. Your phone number should now be selected by default. Select the email addresses you also want assoaciated with your iMessages account and click Next. It will verify your info and your DONE

iOS 14: iMessage Not Working on iPhone [How to Fix

Mine also just worked. I didn't even bother to reboot my phone this time. Switched imessage and facetime both off, then turned them back on and activation was instant. Would still love to hear what the cause was. It was almost as if EE had blacklisted the imessage activation number. Fingers crossed this doesn't happen again i desperately need this to start working again. i've tried everything to fix this problem. i can't receive or send i messages and facetime won't activate. i have checked my number and that is correct. i don't know what more to do iMessage is turned off on your device or on your recipient's device. To check if iMessage is turned on for your device, go to Settings > Messages > iMessage. iMessage is temporarily unavailable on your device or on your recipient's device. Find out the difference between iMessage and MMS/SMS messages When I go to Settings > Messages > iMessage and try to toggle, I get the following: iMessage Unavailable Turn on cellular data or use Wi-Fi to set up iMessage. However, cellular data is enabled in Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data. Cellular data seems to be working fine in Safari, apps, etc. I get the same behavior with LTE or 4G cellular @maddieegrace1 I hate that my phone isn't working cause I don't get calls or texts if it's not iMessage and the work call was probably 0930 and I was here at 0900 2021-04-16 13:21:45 @Trcv_ebooks I'm having iMessage issues after the Apple event

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Folks, Quick update. I've been on the phone with Apple half of the day because it's affecting brand new lines and handsets on our EE corporate contract. An existing user I tested with seems to be ok disabling and re activating the iMessage and FaceTime services but I cannot for the life of me get m.. iMessage not working after number transfer. iMessage not working after number transfer Hi I have moved from EE and my number transferred re PAC code but iMessage not activating help please. natty88. sarahp2124. iPhone issues. welcome to help and support This process should work for all new incoming messages, whether it's an iMessage or an SMS text. But if you find it's not working as it should, and your iPhone's not alerting you to new texts, we've got some tips to fix it quickly You're within your rights but you will have problems porting back until you have a working number. Your port has failed, probably a split port so that needs sorting out. At this stage it's impossible to say where the blame lies, O2 or EE, but O2 will maybe have to request the porting files again from EE The iPhone 12 series has taken the world by storm with great new features, the most notable being 5G.However, even after you turn it on, it can be a real pain when you run into issues that leave you wondering why 5G is not working on my iPhone 12?Don't worry, there are a few different things you can try to resolve this issue and fix the 5G on your iPhone 12 series

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  1. iMessage and FaceTime aren't working or activating Cookies on O2 We use cookies to help you get the best experience from our site and show you more relevant products
  2. Here's a detailed troubleshooting guide which includes nine solutions to fix iMessage on Mac not working. Read on to know more and act now to get your iMessage working. First four are Common fixtures are applied on any software, and the other five are the main culprits on iOS servers. Restart Your Mac. Force Quit Messages App on Mac
  3. Ultimate Solution to Fix iPhone Voicemail Not Working with ReiBoot. Last but not least, this is the best way to solve your iPhone's visual voicemail not working issue even iOS 10 voicemail not working. Tenorshare ReiBoot is the best software on the internet that can solve various iOS system issues easily. It can help you to enter or exit the.
  4. If you see the Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode icons on your watch face, you need to turn the settings off in Control Center. Touch and hold the bottom of the watch face, wait for Control Center to show, then swipe up. Tap the highlighted Do Not Disturb and Airplane Mode icons to turn off the settings

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  1. How to Use iMessage Group Chat on iPhone or iPad; How-to forward text messages, images, or attachments Cannot send messages from your Mac? Here's the iMessage Not Working iOS 10, How-To Fix; WiFi Dropping Out or Not Available After iOS Update, Can't Search For Old Texts in Messages After iPhon
  2. Hi this might help if i message is displaying the wrong number. To fix this problem, try turning off iMessage (Settings > Messages), then restart your phone (by pressing and holding the on/off button), tap Settings > Phone > My Number and confirm that it is correct
  3. iMessage is a chat and instant messaging service for iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. iMessage is offered by Apple and is considered a free alternative to text messages or SMS. When iMessage is not working properly, there typically is a problem in Apple's cloud services

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iPhone 5 and iMessage not working. 09-22-2012 11:48 AM. tools. I had the same issue and was able to get it to work. Not how but Rees what I did (no clue if it helped): Reset network settings then toggle iMessage off then on. Change/update my phone number in the store app Solved: Well for the last 3 days my iMessage has stop working my mobile number is blanked out check mark against my email but just keeps saying Cookies on O2 We use cookies to help you get the best experience from our site and show you more relevant products

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Check the iMessage system status. It may be that the problem has nothing to do with your iPhone; maybe the Apple servers are down. Check the Apple System Status page to see if there's a problem with iMessage. If there is, you'll have to wait for Apple to resolve it The first way to solve the visual voicemail not working issue on your iPhone, or even iPhone 5 voicemail not working is by closing and reopening the phone app. Sometimes the easiest solution can solve bigger problems in no time. So at first close your voicemail app and reopen it again to see if your problem exists or not Check if you have not blocked the phone number of the person you want to send the text message to. Launch Settings from your iPhone home screen, and select 'Phone'. Tap 'Blocked'. You may also read: How to iMessage Non-iPhone Users . Solution No.5: Restart your iPhon Some say that iMessage is not working, and even it doesn't let them turn it off. So they reset the network settings to fix the problem, and iPhone stuck in the halfway of booting for hours. To solve problems with applications like iMessage, do a hard reset by selecting Reset All Setting in the reset menu instead of doing reset network settings The simplest answer if you can't receive text messages Android, is related to network issues. If your mobile network is acting up, then you will not receive any messages on your mobile. So, check the bar on the top right corner of the screen. If the bar is not full then the signal strength is weak

Soft reset, which means simply restart your phone. Giving your phone a fresh start is sometimes all you need to fix your Android issue. You can turn off your phone for a while and then switch it on to try if it works. Of course, you can also simply click on Reboot Most iPhone users have iMessage enabled, but some may have accidentally (or intentionally) turned off SMS support. Open the Settings app and go to Message Locate the switch for Send as SMS and turn this to the ON position (if send as SMS is already on, try turning it off for about 10 seconds and then turn it back on again

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Check your iMessage settings On your iPhone, go to Settings > Messages and make sure that iMessage is turned on. Then tap Send & Receive and make sure that you're using the same Apple ID that your Apple Watch is using. If you aren't signed in, sign in to iMessage with your Apple ID To fix this problem, try turning off iMessage (Settings > Messages), then restart your phone (by pressing and holding the on/off button), tap Settings > Phone > My Number and confirm that it is correct When your iPhone or iPad says No Service, you can't make or receive phone calls or send SMS/MMS text messages. And you can only connect to the internet using WiFi. There are a few different options to address this No Service issue on your iPhone or iPad I message not working Hi I have just switched from EE to 3 network but kept my old EE number by getting a PUCK number from EE. While the switch over was taking place i used the 3 network sim card and the number which came with this sim card is now showing on my I messages. iMessage is a chat and instant messaging service for iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. iMessage is offered by Apple and is considered a free alternative to text messages or SMS. When iMessage is not working properly, there typically is a problem in Apple's cloud services. I have a problem with iMessage

iPhone Cellular Data Not Working? Here's The Real Fix

Top 7 Fixes for iMessage Notifications Not Working on iPhon

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This is not obvious at all, but if you are trying to activate FaceTime and iMessage on an iPhone, Apple might try to send you an SMS as part of the activation process. This SMS is typically invisible to the user as all happens in the background, but this is basically the equivalent of Apple sending an SMS to the phone to verify its status Overseas and iMessage and FaceTime not working I am overseas and my att service is turned off but we are still paying on our phones. I took my SIM card out and put it back in and now my iMessage and FaceTime won't work

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Yes, from iOS 13 onwards, both lines can be used for iMessage and Facetime. To manage this go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. Can I use data when I'm on a call? If you're taking a call on the line that's not the same as your default data line, then data won't work unless you turn on Mobile Data Switching Anyone having iMessage issues. iMessage not working and unable to activate has been 3 days now. I have tried everthing - reset network setting - erase all data and setting - turn of iMessage and FaceTime, reboot and turn back on. Can anyone hel 2) Turn off iMessage and Face Time, in that order. 3) Put in your previous SIM - in my case it was EE - while the phone is still on, then reboot and let it power up with the old SIM. 4) Observe that your phone number viewed in #1 above should now show the old EE number (with the EE sim in). Good Some of the group members are not iPhone users, so iMessage cannot be used. iMessage to individuals and groups is working fine. Just SMS to individuals and groups is not. Like. 1 y ago. 0. T. TG311

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gadgethacks.com - Ah, the dreaded green bubble group chat. All it takes is one non-iPhone contact to turn an entire thread from iMessage paradise to SMS slog. It's important to find out if you can make a call. If you can't make a call, you need to solve this problem first. When the problem is solved, you will most likely also be able to send and receive iMessages Hey all I have the Series 3 with cellular. It has been activated and my account is with EE. Phone calls work fine but iMessages won't send. Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution? Thanks Actually, iMessage not saying Delivered simply means the messages have not yet been successfully delivered to the recipient's device due to some reasons. Reasons could be: their phone not having available Wi-Fi or cellular data networks, they have their iPhone off or on Do Not Disturb mode, etc If your iPhone is not sending messages, first make sure your phone has service, as the issue may be with the Wi-Fi or cellular network, not your device itself. Check in your iPhone's Settings app..

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Method 2. Check If Apple iMessage Server Is Down. Another reason why iMessage Needs to Be Enabled to Send This Message issue comes is about the iMessage sever. If the server is not working, you can send messages. To check if it works or not, please go to Apple System Status If you're an iPhone user, iMessage is great for cutting down on SMS costs from your carrier, but it doesn't always work right away. If there are no available Wi-Fi networks around to use, iMessage will attempt to send it over your cellular data, but if you're also in a bad service area or if Apple's servers are down, it will either wait to send it until it can, or just send it as an SMS instead Notifications that currently work: WhatsApp Facebook Messenger Incoming calls Notifications that are NOT working: SMS iMessage My notification settings: Allow notifications - on Lock Screen, Notification Centre, Banners - ticked Banner Style - Temporary Sounds - on Badges - on Show Previews - Always (Default) Notification Grouping - Automati

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But Wi-Fi calling has had various problems in its lifespan, such as not working unless you're in airplane mode or interfering with data connections if you have them switched on at the same time. That second problem is the key one here, because an active data connection can make Wi-Fi calling not work, and vice versa If you need to remove the iCloud activation proceed to order the service from here or tapping the image above.This is a remote service. 13 Things You Can Do with a Blacklisted or Stolen iPhone. Let's get things straight and check out these helpful tips KP Photograph/Shutterstock. To use the iTunes Store or the App Store you need an Apple ID, also known as an iTunes account. This free account not only lets you buy music, movies, apps, and more at iTunes, it's also the account you use for other useful features like iMessage, iCloud, Find My iPhone, FaceTime, Apple Music, and many other awesome technologies on the iPhone Miguel Co ©Lifewire. Check iPhone network connection. Your iPhone can't get an email if it's not connected to the internet.You need to be connected to a cellular network like a 4G LTE network through your phone company, or a Wi-Fi network, to access email.. To connect to a cellular network, tap Settings > Cellular > and move the Cellular Data slider to off/white and then back to on/green I love the idea of Chat, but it is so buggy (between not working and messages not going thru to the slow roll out on so few apps) that it's killing it. Not sure why Google ever took SMS support out of Hangouts. At this point I'd pay $100 for an official iMessage app for Android. Apple could easily makes some quick cash if they would make this. It's not possible to send and receive iMessages If you can't send and receive iMessages, there may be several causes of the problem. We found 5 possible solutions to your problem

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