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The Number One website for UK loft conversions HOME : PLANNING : BUILDING REGS : TECHNICAL INFO. USEFUL LINKS BATHROOM LOFT-ROOMS . SAMPLE LOFT CONVERSION DRAWINGS pdf documents. Terraced houses Typical terrace loft layouts EXISTING Typical terrace loft layouts PROPOSED Typical back to back loft layouts Even a small loft conversion is a new space full of opportunity so be sure to plan from the start what the new room will be used for to maximise design opportunities. This compact loft conversion with mansard roof extension features a Juliet balcony in the boutique bedroom as well as the ultimate luxury, a freestanding tub In a dormer loft conversion, a portion of the extension protrudes from the slope of the roof. They are very popular with loft conversions. They look great on almost every house that has an existing sloping roof and open up more inside loft conversion space. Hip-to-gable conversions extend the hip roof out to form a vertical gable-like wall


Examples of paperwork required include: Certificates of compliance/completion of works - evidence of building regulations being signed off by the local authority. Insurance and guarantee documents - from your loft conversion company, architect, builder and other professionals involved The size and type of loft conversion you choose are the two most influential factors that will affect the final cost. Based on a 30m2 loft space, a Velux loft conversion will cost £22,500-£30,000. A shell loft conversion will be around £22,500-£37,500. A dormer loft conversion is more expensive and will cost in the region of £37,500-£60,000 Oct 22, 2020 - Explore Robin Stephenson's board Loft Conversion Plans on Pinterest. See more ideas about loft conversion, loft room, loft conversion plans

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  1. For example a loft conversion may increase its value. This will likely affect your buildings and contents insurance premiums. If you're staying elsewhere while your loft conversion is completed, then you should tell your insurer about this too. Try to give several weeks' notice
  2. Before you begin on your loft conversion plans, it's worth finding out exactly what it will involve and how it will affect the design of your home. This step-by-step attic conversion guide reveals the 10 key things you need to consider when weighing up whether a loft conversion is the right way to add more space to your property
  3. 'The cost of a loft conversion depends on the type of conversion you choose' says Rob Wood, Director of Simply Loft. Explaining the different styles below, to give you a starting point for planning your budget. A skylight conversion starts at £28,000; A rear dormer loft conversion begins at £35,000; A mansard loft conversion starts at £.

EXAMPLE LOFT CONVERSION PLAN 2 (PDF FILE) The plans are excellent. The advice and ideas you came up with saved us space and money. We ended up with a better design than we originally thought. The builder commented on how detailed and easy to use the plans were. Thanks again The proposed changes we designed for this large chalet bungalow included a loft conversion along with alterations to the layout at the rear of the property on the lower level. Stairs to the loft were located at the heart of the house, an area from which all of the rooms in the property could be accessed

The building process is rarely affected by the weather; ideal if you plan to do your conversion work in winter. If you've toyed with the idea of a loft conversion in order to make extra room in your home, you may not be aware of the pros and cons associated with a loft conversion Our loft conversion pack will include all the steel beams required to support the new/modified structure, using our specific formula for beam calculations for loft extensions. In certain cases where load-bearing walls are available, it is sometimes possible to utilise these walls to support the new timber floors Easy-to-use BuildingRegs4Plans online system and QuickSpec Mobile App for compiling Building Regulations Specifications for Extension, New Build, New Build Flats, Garage Build, Basement Conversion, Flat Conversion, Loft and Garage Conversion Plans. More than advice and guidance, the site provides hundreds of concise Building Regulations Notes for submission on plans to Building Control LOFT CONVERSION DESIGNS FROM £700 / HOUSE EXTENSIONS FROM £600 - BUILDING REGULATIONS AND PLANNING AGENTS, ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES & STRUCTURAL CALCULATIONS Click above for examples in our field we cover for all at the best prices. LOFT CONVERSION PLANS 4 U are professionals when it comes to designing your loft into a habitable room. A loft conversion or an attic conversion is the process of transforming an empty attic space or loft into a functional room, typically used as a bedroom, office space, a gym, or storage space.Loft conversions are one of the most popular forms of home improvement in the United Kingdom as a result of their numerous perceived benefits. The installation of a loft conversion is a complicated.

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Whilst this question can only be answered by a qualified Structural Engineer, to give you the answer for your specific loft, the following structural changes are common examples found in loft conversion plans. The number of £ signs denotes the relative cost of the alteration Mar 2, 2019 - loft conversions are the no brainer way to add space and value to your home - as long as you have the height available then structurally a loft conversion is straight forward - most home owners extend into their loft by adding one or two bedrooms with or without a bathroom Some people use their new loft space as a play room for their children Bungalow Renovation 1930s Semi Detached House Loft Conversion Plans Loft Plan Bedroom Loft Loft Floor Plans Roof Styles House Extension Plans End of Terrace & Semi Detached - South London Lofts End-of-terrace or semi detached properties will often have a roof sloping on the side and will need what is known as a hip to gable conversion

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  1. Loft conversions with dormers are a great way to create the extra space you need in your home. If you've outgrown the current rooms or your requirements have changed, a loft conversion of this type can save you the time and trouble of finding a new, larger home, plus allow you to stay in a location you already know and like
  2. A loft apartment, on the other hand, refers to a large adaptable open space, often a former industrial building or other type of space converted for residential use. This freedom in terms of design and adaptability has resulted in some very beautiful and amazing loft designs
  3. The Ultimate Loft Conversion Design & Planning Guide [2021 Edition by Loft Conversion Architects] By . Bethany Scott BA(Hons) How to Plan, Design and Build a Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Read More. Real-Life UK Examples Revealed The Proven 6-Step System to Getting Planning Permission with Ease Is a Fast Track for Beauty a Good Idea? The.
  4. A rear dormer conversion is the most typical Loft Conversion carried out. This conversion is a great way to create more head and floor space, by adding extra height to the back of your existing roof. A rear dormer conversion allows you to keep a sloped roof at the front where Velux windows can be fitted to allow natural light to pour in
  5. Home; Case Studies; Some examples of Loft's work. LOFT continues to undertake a vast array of attic and loft conversions across the South East — Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge & Sevenoaks and Oxted & Caterham. We list here a small smattering of the projects we feel may be of interest to you. If there is anything lacking or you can not locate details of a project similar in style and format to.
  6. For loft conversions, the notice must be served at least 2 months before the planned start of the works. Do I need a party wall agreement for a loft conversion? When planning a loft conversion, you will need a party wall agreement if you are going to work on any element that belongs to one or more adjoining properties
  7. Building regulation Plan example . Here is an example of a Hipped to clipped Gable Rear Dormer loft conversion with rear and side extension

We have put together an array of example loft conversions for you to view as each house if its a 1930's or Victorian style has its own loft conversion designs achieved. All if not most designs fall under permitted development with an allowance of 40sqm3 for terraced and 50sqm3 for detached and semi In late 2008, planning law changes made it easier to convert a loft: you no longer need permission for conversions that don't exceed a very sizeable 50 cubic metres for a detached or semi-detached.

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For a loft conversion, you will need to produce at least building regulation drawings. For a standard loft conversion, the design fees would be between £1,000 to £2,000. Furthermore, you will need to budget for structural calculations, such as whether a new beam or other structural alterations are required What is great for you is the fact that the majority of loft conversions will not require planning permission. You will need a set of architectural drawings for either the design drafting or for your builder to use on site. Use our easy, quick and efficient loft conversion plans service to improve your home and add that extra space Whether you've decided to go for a dormer loft conversion, a hip to gable loft conversion or any other kind of loft conversion, you need to look for loft bedroom ideas that are suitable your type of loft bedroom. A modern loft bedroom with skylights or a loft conversion bedroom with a low-pitched roof, there are plenty of ways to maximise the potential of your new attic conversion - from.

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Often loft conversion projects can end up being a disappointment as on completion the owner finds out that roof height is very limited and as a result the space ends up being rather pokey. Looking back, I was very lucky in that my roof had an unusually high 47 degree pitch and so there was lots of head room Understanding building regulations and loft conversions. There is a complex set of Building Regulations that a loft conversion must satisfy for example: The Party Wall Act 1996 protects adjacent or neighbouring buildings. If any work needs to be done on walls that fall under this act then notice in writing must be given to the third parties The bonus of a loft conversion is the minimal or no structural changes or additions, which reduces the cost. If looking to go about a full-scale extension however, it's case of deciding whether you'd like to add an extra room or living space onto the property, or simple make an existing living space or spaces larger

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  1. A Felt Flat Roof on the Dormer of your Loft Conversion would look something like this. It consists of sheets of felt which are fused to a plywood deck using a naked flame (a method known as 'torch on'). It's been the most common type of Flat Roof covering for a long time so it's pretty easy to find people to install it. Builders often favour it because they know it and are comfortable working.
  2. Loft and Extension plans at Trade Prices. We partner with loft companies and general builders throughout the UK. We specialise in loft conversion drawings and ground floor extension drawings and now offer this AFFORDABLE service direct to homeowners across the country. Call us or request a callback TODAY
  3. Does a DIY Loft Conversion need planning permission and does it need to comply with building regulation? The quick answer is yes on both counts, regardless of who carries out the work. All alterations to a property must comply with all current building regulations, this includes loft/attic conversions, extension, electrical updates, and so on
  4. i- extension (upwards) to the square footage of the loft space. This can be a good way to add headroom to a loft in order to create enough space for a bedroom or room which is going to be used actively, such as a games room or home-gym
  5. Of course, we can supply you with loft conversion plans examples, but ultimately this project must be bespoke to you and your family. Making listening one of the top skills of this successful residential architects firm! Also, creating loft conversion drawings is not the only thing your London and Essex specialist architect does

Loft conversion - Haringey We need extra space and wasn't sure what we could get for our budget. We had a two-bedroom semi and needed an additional room because our sons were sharing didn't want to move and the additional space was a must If you're planning a loft conversion to create space to work from home, see our home office ideas, tips and inspiration.. Loft conversion design ideas. The sloping ceilings and awkward angles typical of loft spaces might seem challenging, but a cleverly designed layout and some nifty features can make all the difference

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I f you're thinking of doing a loft conversion, or you're lucky enough to have an attic that is as yet untouched, we say it's time to make better use of it. Converting loft space can not only provide much needed extra space, whether it be an additional living room, home office or bedroom and bathroom, but when done well can provide financial rewards, should you ever sell your property If you plan to make the loft space more accessible or more habitable by, for example, installing a stair to it and improving it by boarding it out and lining the walls / rafters etc, more extensive work is likely to be required and the Building Regulations are likely to apply

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A loft conversion should be one of the critical considerations when adding more space to your home, as typically, they are easy to convert. When planning your loft conversion, you will be required to adhere to all building regulations, arrange for insulation and sufficient heating, and ensure adequate access to the space However, mansard conversions increase the pace of the house to a great extent. You should consult with an architect and they will provide you with the loft conversion plan examples, which will help you to decide which type of loft conversion you want. You can also find the loft conversion before and after pictures which are indeed very helpful Loft conversions can cost between £20,000 at the bottom end and £60,000+ at the top end. A conversion in a small house in rural England may cost £20,000, while the same job would cost a London resident upwards of £30,000 Loft Conversion Plans. Hip To Gable Loft Conversion; Dormer Loft Conversion; Pitched Roof Loft Conversion; Bungalow Loft Conversion a study, a playroom, an extra bedroom or a utility room, to give just a few examples. It can be located on the front of the house, this is often a front room or lounge extension. It can be a side extension, a. All About Lofts are specialist designers of Loft Conversions producing Loft Conversion Plans & Planning Drawings throughout Kent, Surrey, Hampshire & London. EXAMPLE PLANNING DRAWINGS. Common types of Loft Conversion. A house with a gabled roof before the loft is converted

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• Use of room - For example, if on the plans your loft conversion is proposed to be a music studio, the neighbour could contest about noise . The council usually notice anything that isn't classed as acceptable in the proposed works, but comments are usually made by others to reiterate the potential issues Garage conversion costs. Provided the structure is in reasonable condition, this type of project should be more cost-effective than adding an extension or carrying out a loft conversion. A 15m2 integrated garage in good condition could be renovated for as little as £6,000 (£400 per m2) Although a double dormer loft conversion would have provided more space, the customer favoured a hip to gable design. This is because a bungalow hip to gable conversion looks more natural, instead of bulky dormers sticking out. Fig 11. Bungalow hip to gable loft conversion plan (Image taken from DSB Property Designs Ltd. Architect Drawings

This now is the most popular loft conversion for the a Victorian and Edwardian properties as it provided a conversion that is great value for money and maximises the space available to 40 Cubic metres maximum allowance, providing a potential two bedrooms and shower room. Click on the plans link to the left to see how it can work inside However, the installation of a loft conversion is a complicated process due to the large amount of work involved, permitted development rights and difficulty in finding the matching type of loft. For example, when designing a loft conversion you will have to consider the variety of roof types and shapes, from almost flat to steeply pitched. This could be as a dormer loft conversion, for example. Alternatively, it may be the case that the entire existing roof needs to be removed. A ready-built room inserted into the space, such as a mansard loft conversion, is essentially an extension across of the whole of the loft space

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About 75% of all loft conversions are covered by permitted development rules which allow for work without going down the arduous planning permission route. For example; a typical semi-detached house outside of a conservation area and with plans for a rear dormer and front aspect roof window would not require permission Loft Conversions is the definitive technical guide to the conversion of roof spaces in single family dwellings. It brings together a wealth of practical and regulatory guidance in a form that is easy to read and comprehensively illustrated. This fully revised and updated second edition is intended primarily for architects, builders, surveyors. All loft conversions must comply with building regulations, even if the type of conversion you are having means planning permission is not required. The regulations regarding a loft staircase are as follows: A fixed staircase must be in place to provide safe access to and from the loft roo

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We only specialise in conversions and extensions to provide the highest level of expertise. Fox Conversions works closely with an architect for over 10 years and can recommend him if required for your project. A contract is provided as standard and we can offer payment plans if required (subject to status) The Loft Conversion & Home Extension Specialists At KJM Design and Planning Services Limited we are equipped to offer our clients a unique one stop shop whereby we see their project from the ideas and conception stage right through to the end of the build phase when the project can be signed off and completion certificates issued Most loft conversions can be achieved without the need for formal planning permission as long as certain criteria are met regarding the size and design of your loft conversion. This can be achieved by using your property's 'Permitted Development Rights' The information shown on the plans and the way they're laid out is crucial to a smooth construction process, as well as optimising on materials and labour costs. Julian works extensively with specialist loft conversion builders who use him to draw all their plans, but will also work directly for the customers themselves Loft conversion to a bungalow attic designs ltd loading uk duration wojciech hajdeczko views, examples loft conversions mainpride uk ltd bungalow vaulted ceiling full size of house plans zoopla reveals most por houses for in august daily mail the

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Building regulations apply to loft conversions to ensure, for example, that the structural strength of the new floor is sufficient, the stability of the existing structure is not endangered, there are safely designed stairs to the new floor and reasonable sound insulation exists between the conversion an the rooms below Welcome to our gable conversion portfolio which showcases various gable-end and hip to gable loft conversions in Hertfordshire and North London, with examples taken from Potters Bar, Enfield, Barnet, St. Albans, Watford, Finchley and Enfield. Click on any image to see a larger version with description Probably one of the most beautiful loft conversions that we have come across - this open plan conversion looks like it's been lifted directly from a spa hotel. The aluminium framed glazing separates the bathroom whilst still giving the illusion of space, and the shower is hidden from view of the bedroom Typical examples include an extra bedroom, a hobby room or a home office. Hip to gable loft conversion - this kind of loft conversion work for detached and semi-detached houses by making use of the space between the edge of the hipped roof and the gable end of your house. The new loft is created by increasing the height of the gable wall. Yes, loft conversions have proven quite efficient in adding extra space to a house, regardless of whether you're in need of a guest bedroom, an extra bathroom, a home office, or playroom for the kiddies. And don't forget about the investment - a decent loft extension can add between 10 and 20% to the value of a home..

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Example Loft Plans Gallery Allied Welsh specialise in loft conversions in South Wales and the West with loft conversions regularly carried out in Bristol, Cardiff, Bath, Newport, Swansea, Reading and London. Allied Welsh offer you a stress-free loft conversion, from planning and building regulations application, right the way through to. Loft Conversion Step By How To Convert A Build Ideas Before And After March 17, 2018 Dormers Framing Styles Plandsg.com 37 Visited By Guest. Prev. Next . Dormer Floor Plans. Houzz Dormer Attics. Dormer Timber Framing The new loft staircase, which matches the existing, leads up and into a large master bedroom and en-suite shower room. Velux roof windows allow the room to be flooded with natural light helping to create the look and feel of a wonderful loft conversion bedroom for the homeowners to enjoy for many years to come

DRAWING EXAMPLES; Portfolio; ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN STUDIO. KEEPING THE COST DOWN & KEEPING IT SIMPLE, RESULTS AT HIGH QUALITY. DISCOUNT PLANS LTD. Single Story Rear Extension. Victorian - Side & Rear Extension. 1930's - Side Extension. Loft Conversion - Hipped to Gable. Loft Conversion - L Shape Find loft conversion design ideas from Bespoke Lofts operating in London and Essex. Loft conversion is one of the best ways of getting extra space Professional Plans drawn for House Extensions, Loft Conversions & Flats conversions House extensions As a Professional Architectural Technician with 30 years experience in Architectural Practise, I can produce your House extension plans for Planning Permission and Building Regulation approvals Whether or not your loft conversion requires planning permission, it will always need building regulations approval covering the range of alterations necessary to transform it into a liveable space. This includes everything from structural integrity (new floor joists, for example, to support the weight of the new room) to fire safety (mains. KJM Design & planning Services Limited Unit 12. The Old Court House. Orsett Road. Grays. Essex. RM17 5DD. 01375 267 88 Loft conversions and summer houses/out buildings have been just as popular but not always possible. Included here are some of the examples that went well, looked desirable, made the client money or were just interesting projects

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