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How to increase your aquarium's pH A common method of raising the aquarium's pH is by adding baking soda. 1 teaspoon of baking soda per 5 gallons is generally considered a safe amount for small incremental increases. It's best to remove the fish from the tank prior to raising the pH API Proper pH 7.0 Freshwater Aquarium pH Stabilizer automatically sets and stabilizes the pH level in freshwater aquariums to 7.0 which is perfect for a mixed variety of tropical freshwater fish API PROPER pH 8.2 Freshwater Aquarium pH Stabilizer automatically sets and stabilizes the pH level in freshwater aquariums to 8.2 which is perfect for saltwater, brackish water, reef and African Cichlid aquariums Depending on the species: Freshwater fishare happiest in pH of 5.5-7.5. Saltwater fish,on the other hand, prefer a pH of 8 or higher. However, there are limits as to the pH that your fish will endure Most freshwater aquarium tropical fish do best at a pH of 6.8 to 7.6, although certain fish may require higher or lower levels. The pH of an aquarium tends to drop over time due to the breakdown of organic material, and the best way to prevent this is through regular partial water changes. Testing Aquarium General Hardnes

The pH level is the acid-based solution that ranges from 1-14. pH has no static condition, and it changes for every fish breeds and other aquatic species of freshwater and saltwater. It is necessary to lower the pH level in the water of the aquarium because some fish are uncomfortable in dwelling in high pH water A pH of 7 is considered neutral, which is usually measured for pure water. Freshwater fish thrive in a water pH that falls between a scale of 5.5-7.5; while the saltwater breeds prefer alkaline water. You might be wondering what can be the reason for the pH in a tank to go off-balance In general, a pH between 6.5 and 7.5 is good for a freshwater aquarium. Something that I did not know before is that the scale of the pH is logarithmic. Meaning that if a pH drops from 7 to 6, the water is 10 times more acidic. If the water from from 7 to 5, the water is a hundred times more acidic To boost overall fish health, API PROPER pH 7.0 also provides essential electrolytes, and detoxifies heavy metals in aquarium water. pH is the measure of acidic or alkaline conditions in water, where a value of 7.0 corresponds to a neutral pH, pH values above 7.0 are considered alkaline, and pH values below 7.0 are considered acidic

A pH value shows you the concentration of hydrogen ions in a water-based solution. More simply put, it tells you how acidic or alkaline (basic) the water in your tank is.. In 1909, Søren Peter Lauritz Sørensen (a Danish biochemist) described the following equation which has been used to calculate pH ever since (though there are some variations): pH=-log[H + Maintaining proper pH is invaluable when it comes to raising healthy, happy fish. Many people spend all of their time focusing on the temperature of their tank, but really, pH plays just as vital a role. Unfortunately, if you don't know how to adjust the pH in your aquarium in a natural way, this can cause a ton of stress for your fish A high pH is ordinary for alkaline water, while a low pH level means the water is acidic. Distilled water has a pH level of 5.4 to 6.6. But, most domestic fish feel better and are more comfortable when the water's pH level is 7 or even higher. The aquarium's pH level can change in a variety of ways Normal pH range: 6.5 to 8.2 PH is the measure of how acidic or basic a solution is. Generally, you do not need to worry about pH levels unless your pH levels are dangerously high or low. Most fish can live in a wide range of pH. If you have elevated levels of ammonia in your aquarium. it will be more toxic if the pH is higher. Chlorine and. Aquarium shops sell products that modify pH, but these should be avoided altogether or used with extreme care by experienced aquarists to avoid sudden drastic pH shifts. Some products, especially liquid pH adjusters, often have only temporary effects and pH soon shifts back to its original value, making it necessary to keep adding more

The Proper pH of Freshwater Aquarium Realistically, there is no one proper ph for a freshwater fish tank, and although you may not like this answer, it does depend on the freshwater fish you plan on keeping. Some fish get by with a low of 5.5, while others are more comfortable with a little more alkalinity; up to 8.5 PH is a huge factor that you have to monitor, when you want to maintain the quality of water in your freshwater aquarium. Your regular old tap water may not contain the correct amounts of pH, so you have to learn how to test the pH level and make adjustments, if need be Ensuring appropriate water parameters and environmental requirements is fundamental to reduce tank mortality. Freshwater Parameters The following chart provides acceptable water parameter ranges for different types of freshwater aquariums, brackish water aquariums, and ponds.The water parameters listed serve as a general guideline for maintaining each specific type of aquarium or pond Parameter: pH Ideal range for healthy freshwater aquarium: Community fish prefer 6.8 to 7.8 depending on species Ideal range for healthy saltwater aquarium: 7.8 to 8.4, which is ideal Reason to test: Measures the level of acid and base where 7.0 is neutral. Below 7 is acidic and above 7 is basic

API PROPER PH 6.5, 7.0, and 7.5 are phosphate buffers. Phosphate buffers are the most reliable buffers for freshwater aquariums. They are non-toxic to fish and easily lock in the pH for extended periods of time. Do phosphate buffers stimulate algal growth pH - Most live plants are tolerant of a pH range between 6.5 and 7.5. However, some sensitive plants have a narrower pH tolerance so it is important to research the specific pH requirements of each plant. Water hardness - Usually expressed in degree of hardness. Though tropical aquatic plants tend to prefer softer water, most plants are able to adapt to harder water conditions (general hardness) API PROPER pH 7.0 Freshwater Aquarium pH Stabilizer also removes toxic compounds from tap water such as chlorine, neutralizes chloramines, detoxifies heavy metals, and adds electrolytes, making tap water safe for fish. Use this aquarium treatment when setting up a new aquarium, adjusting pH, or changing water. pH in an aquarium can fluctuate.

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A good safe pH range for most fish (but not all, such as Discus) is 6.5 to 8.5. Natural ways to alter pH levels in the link below: As mentioned, 8.0 should be fine for your fish and once the aquarium has cycled, and you begin frequent (weekly) water changes, you may not see much difference in your pH levels. When cycling, the pH can bounce around Hi, I just bought a new aquarium yesterday along with all of the chemicals the store associate recommended. I rinsed the gravel and added water. Added Prime concentrated conditioner, stability, bacterial supplement, and proper PH all according to the directions. Since the proper PH, the water is so cloudy that you can not see through it For the average freshwater aquarium, lighting is not as important a consideration as it is for a planted freshwater aquarium or reef aquarium. However, there is some evidence (not conclusive) that good lighting aids in Correct Redox which is a water parameter that has an definite effect on fish health

PH is the most common area hobbyists have issues or require adjustments. pH is a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of the aquarium water. 7 is neutral, above this up to 14 is alkaline and below this down to 0 is acidic. All fish species have different preferences and ranges in which they thrive Style:pH 75 pH is the measure of acidity of water on a scale ranging from 0 to 14 A pH of 0 is the most acidic while a pH of 14 is the most alkaline Water with a pH of 70 is considered neutral Different geographies have different tap water conditions with different pH levels Api Proper Ph 7.5 Freshwater Aquarium Water Ph Stabilizer 9.2-Ounce Container Read More Supply checklist for starting a freshwater aquarium and setup guides Updated: April 23, 2021 Choose a proper location for your aquarium, make sure that your aquarium does not receive direct sunlight from a window. calcareous substrate and rocks may play a useful buffer role preventing undesirable pH drops in hard water aquariums e.g. Most aquariums do well at a pH of 7-8. You may want to lower the pH if your fish appear ill or have low energy, and you have confirmed the pH of your water is the cause. Some fish and aquarium plants also do better in aquariums with a lower pH level. To lower the pH, add natural items like driftwood, peat moss, and almond leaves to the tank Maintaining proper pH levels. pH is an indicator of the acidity or alkalinity of your tank water. Buy a pH test kit to check the pH level. Freshwater fish typically thrive when the pH level is between 6.8 and 7.5, depending on the species, as it is the range that will offer a natural environment that helps your fish resist illness

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  1. Style:pH 82 pH is the measure of acidity of water on a scale ranging from 0 to 14 A pH of 0 is the most acidic while a pH of 14 is the most alkaline Water with a pH of 70 is considered neutral Different geographies have different tap water conditions with different pH levels Api Proper Ph 8.2 Freshwater Aquarium Water Ph Stabilizer 7.05-Ounce Container Read More
  2. Now, not all freshwater is neutral but you will never see super high or low pHs when you are looking up your fishes' need. Aquatic life likes the middle ground, near neutrality. Almost any fish you bump into will come from an environment where the pH is between pH5.5 and pH8.5. You're maybe thinking why bother then
  3. Carbonate-based buffers target a pH of 7.4 or higher, and must be balanced by an acid source in order to maintain a neutral or acidic pH. It is recommended to dose an acid source like Acid Buffer™ until the pH is near the desired range, and then add a suitable buffer to maintain the pH

There is not a single correct pH for your aquarium, but rather ranges which are appropriate for each species. Among freshwater fish, tanganyikan cichlids prefer the highest pH at 7.6 to 8.6, while discus and angelfish can be content with a pH as low as 5.0. Make sure to set your goals in accordance with the preferences of your tank inhabitants Proper pH for freshwater aquarium- specific pH level of 7.6 to 8.4 The value of pH in the saltwater aquarium specifies 8 to 8.3 range. Some tropical fish can live in 7 to 7.8 pH range Selecting live plants that share common water parameters will minimize problems and will make it easier for you to maintain ideal water conditions. The three main aspects to consider are pH, water hardness, and water temperature. pH - Most live plants are tolerant of a pH range between 6.5 and 7.5 Freshwater fish are happiest in pH of 5.5-7.5. Saltwater fish, on the other hand, prefer a pH of 8 or higher. However, there are limits as to the pH that your fish will endure. Below 6.5 pH - Your fish can become stressed and experience limited growth. Below 5 pH - Your fish won't reproduce and any fry (baby fish) in the tank will likely die Freshwater Aquarium Fish Forum. Aquarium Plants. Api proper ph in a planted tank. Mar 14, 2016. DanteD. Member. Hey guys, I'm thinking of adding a Java fern to my tank, but I use apI proper ph 7.0, which says it's not for use in a planted tank. The guys at my lfs said that if I mix that powder in some water so that it doesn't fall directly.

When considering the water condition for an aquarium fish, the pH count is really important. The freshwater puffer fish need to have pH count in the water between 7.0 and 7.6. Another important fact to consider is the temperature of the water of the fish tank For freshwater aquariums, you might have come across advice to lower your KH to zero. A KH of zero is particularly dangerous because it can lead to unsafe drops in pH that makes the tank toxic to both fish and plants. Ideally, you want to maintain at least some level of KH in your tank, no matter what type of species you keep that simply is not correct. my 10g had 30+ guppies with 1/2 dozen reproducing adults for 7+ years from the original cycle trio. pH 8.4-8.8 api high range test kit. I have had mollies in full saltwater tank with a similiar pH for years. It is not the high pH but rather the reason the pH was high that caused the problems. But that's just my .0

A freshwater aquarium has water that is alkaline in nature. To increase the pH of your tank, you can apply either chemicals like baking soda or natural elements like corals, driftwood, etc. There are various other methods to increase the pH level in your freshwater aquarium, which is described below Without the correct KH, the pH of your water is most likely to be unstable or wrong. Simply put, it is hard to maintain the correct pH without first controlling the KH levels; the two actually go hand in hand. Why is it so important to your freshwater aquarium? Your aquarium is constantly producing acids. How? You might wonder

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  1. es, adds electrolytes and detoxifies heavy metals in freshwater aquariums. Perfect for aquariums containing a mixed variety of tropical freshwater fish
  2. Yes but to have more than 2 you would need a gigantic aquarium. Proper PH: Between 6.0 and 7.0. Compatibility with other fish on this list: If you go with Arowanas then that is all that should be in the tank. Recommended tank size: Juveniles can survive in a 60 gallon tank however adults require a much larger aquarium of at least 250 gallons of.
  3. Aquarium pH is simply a measure of how acidic or alkaline the water in your tank is. PH is typically measured on a scale from 0 to 14, with 7.0 being a neutral pH. All pH levels below neutral are described as acidic while levels above 7.0 are alkaline
  4. erals in the correct amounts required to ensure the.
  5. Freshwater catfish seem to do best at a pH between 5.0 and 7.0 - slightly acidic. Saltwater cats, because the ocean hovers around 8.0, a little more alkaline than freshwater, have adapted to and thrive in water more on the alkaline side. In a tank environment, the key is keeping the pH from changing suddenly or drastically

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Not for use in planted aquariums. Treatment Guide: Proper PH 7.0 (8.8 oz): Treats over 200 Gallons (Ideal for freshwater community aquariums) Proper PH 7.5 (9.2 oz): Treats over 200 Gallons (Ideal for Goldfish, Guppies, Barbs and Mollies) Proper PH 8.2 (7.0 oz): Treats over 200 Gallons (Ideal for Saltwater, Brackish, and African Cichlid aquariums Mollies and swordtails thrive at pH 7.2 to 7.5. API pH UP Freshwater Aquarium Water pH Raising Solution raises aquarium pH in freshwater aquariums to desired level. Safe for fish and plants. Use when setting up a new aquarium, adjusting pH, or changing water. pH in an aquarium can fluctuate due to fish waste, uneaten food and addition of tap water

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Proper pH 7.5 neutralizes chlorine, detoxifies heavy metals, and adds electrolytes to the aquarium. Contains Aloe Vera, a proven natural stress reducer and healing agent. Proper pH 7.5 will lower or raise the pH until 7.5 is reached. pH will not rebound I used my API master test kit and found my water was high in pH, 7.6 about the max on the card. Ammonia and nitrites were 0 and nitrates was about 40ppm. So last night (Thursday) I got some API Proper pH 7.0 and added only a third scoop to start; instructions say to use 1 scoop per 10Gal. The water turned cloudy The best way to describe KH is to think of it as a filter, or even as a sponge, that keeps your pH levels in balance. Without a proper amount of KH in the water, there is a possibility of the pH levels suddenly fluctuating by either lowering or rising. Choosing the right light for a freshwater aquarium can be a headache. There are too many.

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Eventually, the pH would drop low enough to cause problems, but the partial water changes you'll do as a part of regular tank maintenance will keep that from happening. Learn about the differences between hard and soft aquarium water in the next section. To learn more about freshwater aquariums, see To set up a freshwater aquarium, choose a tank, aquarium stand, and filtration system based on the number and size of fish you want. Once you have your equipment, fill the bottom of the tank with gravel and add plants and decorations before filling the tank with water and installing the filter African cichlids from Lake Malawi like pH from 7.7 to 8.6, whereas African cichlids from Lake Tanganyika prefer pH from 7.3 to 8.0. South American cichlids, on the other hand, do best in pH 6.5 to 7.2. Discus fish are notoriously sensitive to elevated pH levels in the aquarium. They need very soft water and pH ranging from 5.0 to 6.5 To raise or lower pH in a freshwater aquarium, use API® pH UP™ or pH DOWN™ or API PROPER pH® 6.5, 7.0 and 7.5 can be used to automatically adjust the pH to the appropriate level. API BUFFER MAX CICHLID™ is a carbonate buffer that can be used to bring aquarium water to the correct pH for African cichlids. A pH of 8.2 - 8.4 is ideal for.

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  1. API Proper pH 6.5 Freshwater Aquarium pH Stabilizer sets and holds pH to 6.5 and resists pH rebound. pH is the measure of the acidity of water, on a scale ranging from 0-14. ApH of 0 is the most acidic, while a pH of 14 is the most alkaline. Water with a pH of 7.0 is considered neutral
  2. As well, pH should be checked when problems occur in your aquarium such as fish sick, then compare this pH to past tests (which it is best to record all aquarium tests in a journal). * Logarithmic= meaning a change of pH from say 7.0 to 6.0 is a ten fold increase in acidity, while a change from 7.0 to 5.0 is 100 times change in acidity (it also.
  3. Making sure your pH is in the proper range means it's far less likely to rise, and way easier to lower if needed. 4. Add Catappa Leaves. This is another effective and natural way to lower the pH in any freshwater aquarium. Catappa leaves (also called Indian almond leaves).
  4. pH Cherry shrimp are capable of living in water with a pH between 6.3-8. Ideal Cherry Shrimp Tank pH : about 6.8. Cherry shrimp prefer slightly acidic water, which can be achieved by using a substrate like Fluval Stratum or ADA Aquasoil. For an in-depth review of aquarium substrate, check out my article on the best substrates for planted tank

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  1. The scale goes from 0 to 14 with water being less acidic the higher the number is, and a pH of 7 meaning the water is neutral
  2. A substance with a pH of 7 is neutral, whereas anything higher is alkaline and anything lower is acidic. A pH of 7.1 is very slightly alkaline, whereas a pH of 14 is highly alkaline. On the other side of the scale, a pH of 6.9 is slightly acidic, whereas a pH of 0 is highly acidic. What Influences the pH in the Aquarium
  3. The pH that aquarium fish are native to can vary drastically. The Amazon River can be extremely acidic and dark with tannins, which is called blackwater, and have a pH of less than 6.0. The land-locked lakes in the Great Rift Valley in Africa (such as Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika) can be 9.0. These lakes are fed by rivers but have no drain

Regular 25 percent water changes -- every two to four weeks -- can counteract this problem. In new aquariums, this can cause dramatic swings, while established aquariums tend to have a slow decline in pH. Test your aquarium regularly for ammonia, nitrite and pH to stay on top of these issues Freshwater pH Regulators shipped directly to your door at the lowest prices & highest quality online. Free shipping over $75 with code! Call 1-888-THAT-PET to order Best Freshwater Aquarium Monitoring System. play, eat, and sleep on its proper timings. Milwaukee - pH Controller. This device is a professional aquarium pH controller that has a simple design to use for hydroponic systems and aquariums

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  1. As an example, if your pH is 7.0 and your KH is 80 ppm after a cleaning but a day or two later has fallen to 6.5; your aquarium likely needs a higher KH to maintain 7.0 AND/OR you may too much acid producing decomposition, peat, driftwood, etc. Reducing the acid production and/or raising KH ppm is called for
  2. Follow the directions on the bottle and apply it to your aquarium water. You will want to adjust your pH (acidity of the water). pH falls into one of three categories: acidic, neutral, or alkaline. A proper pH should run between 6.8 and 7.2, with 7.0 being an exact neutral pH
  3. Proper pH 7.0 - 8.8 oz | That Fish Place Buy API Proper pH 7.0 - 8.8 oz at the lowest prices, free shipping deal every day and expert service. Call 1-888-THAT-PET to order! Javascript is disabled on your browser
  4. To one side of the hydrogen index are acidic waters (weakly acidic - acidic - strong acid), to another side - alkaline (slightly basic - alkaline -strongly basic). Life in water is conceivable within a pH range of 3.5 - 10.5. In aquarium, the pH usually ranges from 6.0-8.5. In messy or dirty aquariums, at the base pH can reach up to 5.4

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If the pH of the water is too high for your fish, the buffering capacity makes it difficult to lower the pH to a more appropriate value. Naive attempts to change the pH of water usually fail because buffering effects are ignored. In freshwater aquariums, most of water's buffering capacity is due to carbonates and bicarbonates Tap water pH might not be suitable for freshwater aquarium fishes; Hence, It is a great idea to check its pH before adding your fishes inside your tank. There is a significant difference in pH level between the water that is sitting for about 1-2 days and the water that is coming out directly from your tap

PROPER pH™ 6.5 API® PROPER pH 6.5 automatically sets and stabilizes pH at 6.5, and also works to remove chlorine and detoxify heavy metals. It works best with Tetras, Discus, and Angelfish, and contains electrolytes to reduce fish stress. It may be used when setting up an aquarium, or when changing water To view the next video in this series click: http://www.monkeysee.com/play/5967 Jim Karanikas demonstrates the ways to maintain your aquarium and keep those. The pH of an aquarium should be adjusted with great care. Cautious changes of about 0.5 or 1.0 should be made every 24 hours if they are necessary. Some very safe mediums for changing the Ph of your tank include the trace mineral content, the substrate used, chemical concentration of the water in your tank, use of medication, failure of the. Important Parameters When Testing Freshwater Aquariums. The solution is an aquarium freshwater water test kit to make sure you regularly ensure the water in which your fish live is the healthiest and safest it can be.The desired pH level for an aquarium is 6.5 to 8.2, anything above or below this range needs to be monitored closely and rectified

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Rift lake salts can help maintain the proper pH levels for your African Cichlids. These salts are sometimes called African Cichlid salt and you can buy these in pet shops. These salts contain calcium and bicarbonate. If you dissolve these salts in your aquarium, the pH is buffered and the water hardness is increased Aquarium pH: 7.4 (Slightly on the Alkaline side) In most instances, aquarium hobbyists should find that their local tap water will remain relatively stable over time. But on the off chance that there is a shift in parameters, such as pH or General Hardness, it's better to know about the shift before the water goes in the tank Maintaining the proper nitrite and nitrate levels in an aquarium is essential to healthy, happy fish. In this article, you'll learn how to accomplish this important task as well as employing some help to automatically maintain the proper levels in your aquarium Pet Mountain is a leading online pet supply retailer offering low prices and free shipping obsessed with making sure your pets are happy and healthy. Shop online for pet products at amazing prices and have them delivered to your door

Fish are largely comprised of water, and when they are in water with high TDS, the high TDS aquarium water wants to equalize with the lower TDS water inside the fish. The aquarium water attempts to pass through the fish until the levels equalize. This affects blood pH, digestion, and its immune system, greatly increasing the risk for disease A fish owner needs to address all of these in order to keep the fish living in the aquarium healthy. pH: The pH scale measures acidity in water, ranging from 0 to 14. A pH of 7 is neutral, 1 is very acidic, and 14 is very alkaline. The beginner's aquarium should maintain a pH of 6.5 to 7 The Guppy is a popular breed among new aquarium enthusiasts, because it doesn't need too much special knowledge, to care for it. All you need for it, is a simple freshwater tank, with multiple plants and substrate. Their natural habitat is in South America, where they were first found in 1866 Instant access is a good thing, but all of the aquarium care ideas can be overwhelming. Hopefully this searchable aquarium care site makes it easier, giving aquarium hobbyists a place to find information, share experiences, and help others find answers to aquarium care questions. 10 Keys To A Healthy Freshwater Tan

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Proper Setup of a Freshwater Aquarium. It usually takes about six weeks for an aquarium to get balanced (attain the proper amount of beneficial bacteria to support fish life). So for the first six weeks or so, you should do water changes weekly To increase pH, add 5 ml (1 cap/1 tsp) per 20 gallons of water. Check the pH of your aquarium water prior to dosing. Depending on the initial acidity of your water, several doses may be required to reach the target pH. Wait approximately 10 minutes, re-check the pH level before adding more Fritz pH Higher

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P roper pH for freshwater aquarium groups like freshwater African Cichlids (from places such as Lake Malawi) is a higher pH in the range of 7.8 to 8.5. Many tropical community fish, such as guppies, prefer a pH range of 6.8 to 7.2. On the other hand, saltwater and coral reef aquariums all generally require a pH of 8.0 to 8.3 They prefer pH between 6.6 to 7.9 and temperatures between 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Considering their size, it is better that you put them in a tank of 130+ gallon capacity. It is a bottom feeder and likes to feed on frozen bloodworm and some dried fish. How to set up the right and proper aquarium for your sharks Proper pH 8.2 will work with the existing buffer to bring the pH to 8.2-8.4. Normally one dose of Proper pH 8.2 is all that is required to adjust and stabilize the pH in saltwater. How long will Proper pH last in the aquarium In most aquariums Proper pH lasts several weeks. As Proper pH works to maintain a stable pH, it gets used up 4) How to raise pH in Freshwater aquarium naturally? The pH range for Freshwater is from 5.5 to 7.5. This shows that you do not need too much increase to reach the required level. You can use any of the above-mentioned methods but at a moderate level THE IMPORTANCE OF CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM, AND KH IN YOUR AQUARIUM. From this article: CALCIUM, ELECTROLYTES, AND MAGNESIUM IN AQUARIUMS; How to maintain a Proper KH & PH, why calcium and electrolytes are important Many aquarists do not understand the need for calcium & magnesium and the effect of a proper KH (Carbonate hardness) in their freshwater aquarium

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It is advisable to keep them in large-sized aquarium tanks with proper filtration. These species thrive in water with a temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit when spawning and a pH range from 6.5 to 6.9 pH. This is a measure of how acidic or alkaline your water is. Preferred pH varies by species, but most freshwater tanks have a pH around 6.0-7.5. We recommend the pH Alert® to keep track of this. KH (Alklainity) Alkalinity or KH is a measure of how resistant your pH is to change, and depends mainly on the concentration of buffers in. The Freshwater pH Test Color Chart is the appropriate chart to use for testing freshwater aquariums to which aquarium salt and African cichlid salt have been added. Artificial salt water should have a pH of 8.2. If not, adjustment with Aquarium Pharmaceuticals PROPER pH™ 8.2 is recommended. pH adjustment may be required in newly made salt water Determining the Ph levels of your freshwater aquarium is vital part of your fish raising process. PH refers to the acidity and alkalinity of the water that those fishes lived in. It is a must to maintain balanced water chemistry in an artificial marine ecosystem so that fish can freely move in natural like habitat

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