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This video depicts a typical 900 kg chlorine cylinder employed in training material. It is possible to observe both liquid and gas chlorine withdrawal system Chlorine. Cl 2 Product information Characteristics Physical data Product specification Vapor pressure at 0° C [bar] 3.7 at 32° F [psi] 53.61 Cylinder 84 16L Steel 7 in 33 in 63 lb 20 kg 85 CGA 728 SS Cylinder 209 44L Nickel lined steel 9 in 52 in 130 lb 52 kg 85 CGA 728 SS Cylinder 89 16L Nickel line Injection pressure is 4 bar and system is to be flow paced in proportion to a 4-20mA signal. WTP operates for about 12 hours a day. Flow rate 0.36 Ml/hour Dosing at 4 mg/l = 1.44 kg/h Over the 12 hours per day the chlorine usage would be17.28 kg/h one cylinder only lasting 4 1/2 days at 4 mg/l Liquid chlorine is supplied in steel tanker lorries, cylinders containing 1 ton, and in standard cylinders containing approximately 45 kg or 70 kg at about 5 atmospheres pressure (the actual pressure varies with temperature). Small cylinders containing 5 kg or 9 kg of chlorine are also sometimes seen Specifications Size (Gas Capacity) 50kg, 65kg, 100kg and 900kg Color Yellow Condition New Usage Industrial, Laboratory Pressure High, Low, Medium Features Easy To Fit, Highly Combustible, Less Pollution Cylinders Type Commercial, Domestic We are a prominent Supplier and Exporter of Chlorine Gas. The Chlorine Gas finds numerous applications in agrochemical industries, insecticides and household.

The temperature above which chlorine exists only as a gas no matter how great the pressure : 290.75°F (143.75°C) Critical Volume: The volume of a unit mass of chlorine at the critical pressure and temperature : 0.02795 ft 3 /lb (0.001745 m 3 /kg) Density: The mass of a unit volume of chlorine at specified conditions of temperature and. Safety Tips for 100- and 150-Pound Cylinders and Ton Containers • Take shallow breaths in the chlorine room until you are sure there is no chlorine leak. • •Never lift a cylinder by its hood. • Always keep the hood in place, except when the cylinder is in use. • Never expose a cylinder to heat or direct sunlight

CHLORINE GAS. Chlorine gas is supplied in steel cylinders, as a compressed gas in a liquid state. The pressure in the cylinder is dependent upon the temperature of the cylinder. Cylinder pressures will range from 28 PSI at 20° F to 191 PSI at 120° F. As a safety feature, the cylinders are fitted with fusible plugs that will melt at about 165° F 2. Low Pressure Cylinders Low pressure cylinders come in a variety of- sizes, see Figure 2. Some examples of gases supplied in low pressure cylinder are LPG and refrigerant gases. 3. Acetylene Cylinders aggregate filled and acetylene is dissolved in acetone to get - sufficient product into the cylinder. See Figure 3 Find here Chlorine Gas, Chlorine Cylinder manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Chlorine Gas, Chlorine Cylinder, Liquid Chlorine Gas across India

Iron Chlorine Gas Cylinder, Cas No-7782-50-5, Packaging- 80-100 Kg ₹ 16,500/Cylinder Get Quote Ms, Ss Chlorine Cylinders, CAS Number: 7782-50-5, Cylinder Capacity: 300 - 350 L Ask Pric TC Shipping Name: Chlorine TC Classification: 2.3, 5.1 TC Label: POISON GAS, OXIDIZER Cylinder Specifications Approximate Cylinder Valve Outlet Pressure Pressure Ship Weight Size CGA No. psig @ 70°F kPa @ 21.1°C lb kg 1V 660 85 588 247 112 2 660 85 588 114 52 3 660 85 588 54 24 4 660 85 588 27 12 7C 660 85 588 6 3 7B 660 85 588 6 3 7A 660 85. (atmospheric) pressure. Additional tests were conducted during the winter and a 100-pound (40 kg) chlorine cylinder was placed out-of-doors at 20° F (-6.6 ° C) and left out-of-doors several days. At the time this test was conducted, th Home | Atu Chlorine cylinder. Typical chlorine cylinders are made of up of carbon steel, mostly 150 lb and 100 lb dominate in the market. Cylinders has a fusible plug which is located at cylinder valve. The fusible plug is designed to melt at 70 degree Celcius and release pressure in safely. Scrubber desig

Chlorine will react violently with many different chemicals and materials. It is essen-tial that all equipment, piping and valves be properly cleaned and dried for chlorine service before introducing any chlorine into the system. Chlorine will react with many metals, especially at elevated temperatures. It is criti Withdrawal rate of Chlorine ( Room Temp. - Threshold temp.) * withdrawal factor withdrawal factor for Tonner = 8/ Cylinder= 1 Threshold temp. is the temp. where minimum required gas pressure is reached Temp. Deg. C Tonner (900 Kg.) Cylinder (67 Kg. Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide From 4 pounds/day (75 g/hr) up to 2000 pounds/day (40 kg/hr) Ammonia Up to 1000 pounds/day (20 kg/hr) Vacuum regulator has an integral switchover - can be used in pairs for uninterrupted feed. Available with actuator mountin

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Never use hammer to open valve. Use approved equipment. We also supply chlorine cylinder of 50, 100 & 900 kg. Cap. , chloroscope to detect chlorine percentage in water, safety kit of chlorine cylinder / toner, breathing apertures, bleaching doser - manual & electronic etc. Progressive change in design may be made without notice chlorine valve. The chlorinator is mounted onto the chlorine valve of a cylinder, wall manifold or ton container adaptor, using a very heavy-duty, positive yoke clamp connection. A chlorine gas flow meter panel indicates the amount of chlorine being fed and may be located wherever it is safest and most convenient. Chlorine flow rate i

Minsheng, a leading brand of gas cylinders, valves,regulators and pressure vessels derived from China, was founded in 1966 and became the first batch of design and manufacture units of LPG cylinders in China in 1976.China's National Leaders have visited the company more than ten times 71 kg cylinders These cylinders contain liquid Chlorine but are designed to supply gaseous Chlorine only. Chlorine cylinders and valves are designed, maintained, tested, filled and supplied in accordance with the requirements of the Carriage of Dangerous Goods and Use of Transportable Pressure Equipment Regulations 2009 (CDG 2009) SI 2009 No. 68kg Chlorine Cylinder, 68kg Chlorine Cylinder Suppliers Directory - Find variety 68kg Chlorine Cylinder Suppliers, Manufacturers, Companies from around the World at chlorine gas ,chlorinated paraffin ,swimming pool chlorine, Gas Cylinders Wholesale 3/6/12.5 kg nitrogen propane gas bottle cooking gas cylinders for sale. 1kg gas cylinder. The Emergency Chlorine scrubber is designed by following World Chlorine Council. Chlorine Tonner. 3/8 inch of steel package with approximate tare of weight of 640 Kg and Chlorine capacity of 907 Kg. It has protective valve cover, called bonnet and capable of dispensing liquid and gas at bottom side and top side respectively

vacuum system is not practical, i.e. in some 40 or 80 kg/hr systems etc. In these cases the vac reg is mounted on the pressure header. The normal withdrawal rate with full vacuum systems, is 2 kg/hr from 70 kg cylinders and 10 kg/hr from 920kg drums at a minimum room temperature of 4deg C Price : Get Quote capacity : 50, 65, 100, 140, & 900 kg NEW CHLORINE CYLINDERS & TONNERS We can supply you chlorine cylinders of 50, 65, 100, 140, & 900 kg capacity & also can provide you necessary certificates The entire range of these chlorine gas cylinder toners is at par with the set industrial norms and standards. We offer these cylinder toners in different specifications as per the requirement of the client. These chlorine gas cylinder toners are widely complimented for its following features: Corrosion resistance; High strength and durabilit ProMinent Series 900 Gas Chlorine Vacuum Regulator. The Series 900 is simply the most ruggedly designed, heavy-duty vacuum regulator in existence. Each part is derived from the very finest material available. To avoid cracking, the body parts are machined from solid PVC and designed with heavy wall thickness

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