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updated: apr 7, 2021: site map: projects / refineries : notes: 1 asphalt refinery 2 lubricants plant 3 purchased from chevron in q3/2017 4 excludes clarkson lubes refinery 5 purchased from husky in nov 2019 6 heavy oil splitter, producing specialty market refined products 7 regulated as upgrader. produces diesel and refinery input streams 8 placed into recirculation mode on apr 2020 As of that year, four petroleum refineries were located in the province of Ontario. Number of petroleum refineries in Canada in 2019, by province Number of refineries 4 4 4 4 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1..

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  1. This is a list of oil refineries.The Oil & Gas Journal also publishes a worldwide list of refineries annually in a country-by-country tabulation that includes for each refinery: location, crude oil daily processing capacity, and the size of each process unit in the refinery. For some countries, the refinery list is further categorized state-by-stat
  2. Bitumen is the heavy unconventional oil found in the Alberta tar sands (also called oil sands). Only a specialized refinery can process bitumen and turn it into refined products such as fuels. Few refineries in Canada can do it. None of the refineries in eastern Canada can refine large quantities of bitumen
  3. To sweeten the deal, many of the refineries on the Gulf Coast happen to be located in foreign trade zones, where they can export Canadian oil to the world market without paying U.S. taxes
  4. The U.S. has 142 refineries. Canada has 19, with most clustered around Edmonton, Sarnia, Ontario, and Montreal
  5. Crude oil, also known as petroleum, is an energy-rich liquid consisting mainly of hydrocarbons. In Canada, Alberta's oil sands have the largest reserves of crude oil, but there are also large deposits off the coast of Atlantic Canada

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Most of Canada's domestic oil production happens in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB). Refineries located in, or near, the WCSB refine local domestic oil. In eastern Canada, refineries process less domestic crude and more imports Most eastern Canadian refineries are unable to process the heavy crude oil (bitumen) that comes out of the Athabasca Oil Sands in Alberta. So, although crude oil from western Canada sells at a discounted price, the refining process can still be more complex and costly Since the 1970s, the number of refineries in Canada has plummeted from 40 to 19, taking a big bite out of the direct refinery labour force, which dropped from 27,400 to 17,500 between 1989 and 2009 Midwest refineries blend mostly heavy crude from the oil sands, with light oil produced in North Dakota's Bakken shale, which has also seen an increase in production. As a result, 100% of foreign oil imports into PADD 2 are now from Canada, representing almost 70% of all PADD 2 refinery feedstock Locate and compare Oil Refineries in Canada, Yellow Pages Local Listings. Find useful information, the address and the phone number of the local business you are looking for

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Designer Fuels Canada (DFC) is planning to build its first commercial ZTE-MOR in Western Canada. High quality diluted and undiluted Western Canadian heavy oil and bitumen to provide the feedstock. ZTE-MORs to produce asphalt, LCO, low sulfur diesel & fuels at a fraction of the capital & operating cost and footprint of a conventional refiner 3 Refining According to the Canadian Association for Petroleum Producers (CAPP), Canada has 17 refineries with a total crude oil processing capacity of 2.0 million b/d.2 Eastern Canada's eight refineries have 1.2 million b/d of capacity, or about 60% of total crude oil refining capacity.3 Because the eastern refineries are not as well connected to domestic crude oil production supplies, thes

In fact, by plugging in economic data from Statistics Canada he found that oil extraction created more value than any other Canadian industry, including refining. Oil and gas extraction creates. Search 347 Refinery jobs now available on Indeed.com, the world's largest job site The big refineries are mostly in the east. Those in central and eastern Canada mostly process lighter crude oils, with western refiners more focused on locally available oil sands crude. Because of Canada's relatively small population, the high capital demands and long-term payback period for refining are problematic

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Canadian oil producers see new route to Gulf Coast refineries coming from CP Rail deal Back to video CP Rail's deal with KCS looks promising, but we'll have to see what they actually do, said Tristan Goodman, president of the Explorers and Producers Association of Canada, which represents mid-sized oil and gas companies Refining. We are Canada's largest petroleum refiner. Our refineries are where oil becomes something greater. Something useful, like fuel, asphalt, motor oil, waxes, and various chemicals and gases. Nanticoke. Sarnia. Strathcona refinery. Our other operations. Norman Wells This is a list of oil refineries. formerly Petro-Canada and known as Clarkson Refinery, refining ceased in 1993; Oakville Refinery, Oakville, Ontario gold refinery mobile equipment russia - crusherasia.com gold refinery mobile equipment russia. small scale modular gold recovery plants russi The downstream energy sector report, Oil Refining Industry in Canada is a complete source of information on Canada crude oil refining industry. It provides refinery level information relating to existing and planned (new build) refineries such as insights and forecasts of refinery capacities, refined petroleum products production and.

Upgraders and Refineries Facts and Stats alberta.ca February 2017 Production Refining In 2015, Alberta produced about 2.5 million barrels per day (bbl/d) of crude bitumen from three oil sands regions - Athabasca, Cold Lake and Peace River, with surface mining accounting for 46% and in-situ for 54% of the production There are a vast number of oil companies operating and based in Canada. However, the majority of oil production and refining in the country is carried out by less than 20 companies This continues despite the 2015 reversal/expansion of Enbridge's Line 9B pipeline, which has allowed Ontario and Quebec refineries to source more oil from Western Canada. Historically, New Brunswick's Irving Oil Refinery has also relied on foreign oil imports Keystone XL would divert Canadian oil from refineries in the Midwest to the Gulf Coast where it can be refined and exported. Many of these refineries are in Foriegn Trade Zones where oil may be.. In Champlain Heights, where Dalzell has lived since 1977, there are about 100 homes, an elementary school and a community college campus. Thickets of trees block the Irving Oil refinery, Canada's largest, from view, but look at a satellite image and next door you see more than two dozen tanks dotting the landscape like white buttons

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An explosion rocked Irving Oil's Saint John refinery on Monday, sending flames shooting into the air and people in the area running. Now residents are re-exa.. Communities along the fenceline of oil refineries are forced to breathe air filled with a toxic soup of hazardous air pollution—including mercury and hydrogen cyanide—known to cause cancer, birth defects and many other serious health issues. (Related Stories: Hurricanes Irma and Harvey Cast Spotlight on Toxic Threats in Our Midst and In Harvey's Wake, Residents Near Houston Industry Suffer. Alberta is already home to Canada's newest refinery. The North West Redwater Partnership's Sturgeon plant, which opened in 2018, produces 40,000 barrels a day of diesel as well as vacuum gasoil and propane and butane They were purchased by Good Rich Oil in 1937 until 1946 when Good Rich sold to Trinidad leaseholds Canada Ltd, a subsidiary of Central Mining Co from the United Kingdom, and later renamed to Regent Refinery. In 1955 McColl-Frontenac a Canadian subset of Texaco took over the refinery, the name was changed to Texaco Canada Ltd, in 1959 The Imperial Oil Refinery in Sarnia, Ont., and the Marathon Petroleum refinery in Detroit. MI., have much in common: geography, climate and production levels. What separates them is a 90-minute.

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I work obliquely on oil and gas projects (downstream R&D) and most of us in the field agree that it should be a no-brainer for Canada to build more refining and upgrading capacity. Afterall it is the refined products that are worth the big bucks Canada's Refining Sector is Expected to Dominate the Market According to the Canadian Association for Petroleum Producers (CAPP), as of 2019, Canada has 17 refineries in total. Eastern Canada's eight refineries have 1.2 million b/d and Western Canada's nine refineries have a total capacity of 748,000 b/d Saint John Refinery Crude Capacity +320,000 barrels/day Workforce Over 1,600 people. Opened in 1960 on a 780-acre site, our Saint John refinery is Canada's largest. Each day we produce finished energy products for our wholesale and retail markets, including gasoline, diesel, heating oil, jet fuel, propane and asphalt

A project eight years in the making, Canada's newest refining facility will be marked with an official ceremony Friday celebrating the ground-breaking just north of Edmonton in Alberta's industrial.. The largest refinery in the United States, Motiva's 607,000 bpd Port Arthur refinery, restarted its largest crude oil processing unit relatively quickly, on February 26, after being down for 11. The Valero Jean Gaulin Refinery is located in Levis, Canada on 370 acres on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, immediately across from Quebec City, Canada. The refinery receives crude oil by ship at its deepwater dock and by pipeline and ship from western Canada

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The refinery throughput of the country averaged at 1.79Mbd in 2012. Canada holds the third biggest proven oil reserves in the world and is the sixth biggest oil producing country. Canada is a net exporter of oil and the US accounts for more than 95% of Canada's oil exports. Canada had 17 operational refineries at the end of 2012 Many parts of Canada are screaming about the loss of manufacturing jobs, yet we don't appear to consider refineries as a viable alternative, and neither the major oil companies nor our. At Irving Oil, safety is a core value and is fundamental to how we operate our business every day. We always strive to do the right things, in the right ways, at all times for our employees, our communities and the environment. About the Irving Oil Saint John Refinery. Irving Oil operates an oil refinery in Saint John located on Loch Lomond Road

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Anglo-Albertan Oil Refinery Limited - 1939-circa 1942. The certificate holder, Brent L., advised that the company seal shows Anglo-Albertan Oil Refinery incorporated in Canada in 1939. He also provided a newspaper article from the Winnipeg Tribune dated October 23, 1940 concerning Anglo-Albertan Just how much oil does Canada import every year? The answer is shocking actually, considering that Canada has the third largest proven oil reserves in the world.. Looking at the Canadian International Merchandise Trade Database, Canada imported approximately $18.9 billion of crude oil in 2019, down slightly from $19.2 billion in 2018 but up versus $17.1 billion in 2017

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  1. About GEO. GEO is a set of free interactive databases and tools built collaboratively by people like you. GOAL: to promote an understanding, on a global scale, of the dynamics of change in energy systems, quantify emissions and their impacts, and accelerate the transition to carbon-neutral, environmentally benign energy systems while providing affordable energy to all
  2. The three major refiners - Imperial Oil, Shell and PetroCanada - account for about 36% of the branded stations in Canada and have the largest share of stations in each of the regions except the Atlantic. Imperial Oil is the largest retailer in Canada with 1,978 Esso stations followed by Shell's 1,762 and PetroCanada's 1,375 sites
  3. The average Canadian refinery produced less oil while emitting substantially higher rates of sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides compared with the U.S. average in 2014, the data shows. For example: Canada's tiny fleet of 15 refineries emitted 62 per cent more sulphur dioxide (SO2) than 127 U.S. plants combined in 2014
  4. North West will be the first oil refinery to open in Canada since 1984. A North Dakota refinery that opened earlier this year was the first to be built in the United States since 1976

3. Proximity of midwestern states to Canadian oil supplies. The U.S. Midwest is the largest and most easily accessible market for Canada's oil. U.S. refineries have the capability to process the heavy crude oil that Canada exports. 4. Canada needs more pipelines to export our oil (and gas). Canadian crude oil is abundant, but largely landlocked On Oct. 14, 1999, Irving Oil was the first and only refiner and marketer in Canada to receive the official endorsement of Canada's leading auto manufacturers for producing low-sulfur, clean. The pipeline, which has been in development for more than a decade, aims to transport 830,000 barrels of oil per day from Alberta tar sands in Canada to refineries along the US' Gulf Coast. Faced with lawsuits and strong opposition from environmental groups, the project was rejected by the Obama-Biden administration in 2015 over.

Search for used oil refinery. Find Worthington, Ariel, Baker, Benchmark, Clyde, Flowserve, Grove, Linde, National Oilwell Varco, and TYE for sale on Machinio Canadian officials support Enbridge's previously filed federal lawsuit that challenges Whitmer's orders after she ordered Enbridge's Line 5, which runs from Alberta's oil fields to refineries in. Canada's failure to regulate emissions from refineries is due in part to the fact that our most important pollution law, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA), has not been updated in nearly twenty years and lacks industrial emissions requirements for oil refineries

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The 10 largest U.S. oil / petroleum refineries and their locations. Skip to sub-navigation U.S. Energy Information Administration - EIA - Independent Statistics and Analysi Canada is committing $1.2 billion (USD). the global $120 billion annual market in hydrogen is 55% devoted to refining petroleum products. As Norwegian oil and gas giant Equinor and the. The crack spread is an oil industry term that refers to the difference in price between where a refinery buys raw crude oil and sells the petroleum products it makes from this oil. The spread is.

Crude oil arrives in Montréal by tanker or via pipeline from Portland, Maine. Although on a smaller scale than Sarnia, Montréal is also an integrated petrochemical complex that offers petroleum refineries, a tanker terminal for ocean shipments, and access to the markets of eastern and central Canada and the United States. Major Firm The oil refining/marketing sector includes companies that refine and sell crude oil. Companies that refine oil manufacture it into a number of petroleum products, including gasoline, jet fuel and. Put some numbers to the cost of 2 barrels of gasoline and 1 barrel of diesel/heating oil (a standard refinery measure behind the 3:2:1 crack spread) delivered to Fujian, China from Canada by pipeline and tanker vs. a barrel of synthetic crude upgraded in Alberta, pipelined to the coast and tankered to Fujian then refined vs. a barrel of dilbit. Less than an hour later, he said, improvised fuel refineries in Tarhin were hit with four missiles, a mix of Tochka and Uragan 9M27K-series surface-to-surface rockets, also carrying cluster munitions In an unusual move, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, citing environmental concerns, is shutting down an underwater pipeline that carries oil to refineries in her state and Canada

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15,000 bpd Oil refinery Topping Plants. Theís refinery is in excellent condition and were shut down after just a few months of operation. Mainly, medium and heavy crude oils were processed. Teaser sheet: 15,000 bpd Used Oil Refinery. 20,000 bpd Oil Refinery High Conversion Type (incl. Hydrocracker The Irving Oil Refinery in New Brunswick, which is the largest oil refinery in Canada, is especially interested in it since its traditional sources such as North Sea oil are shrinking and international oil is more expensive than Alberta oil delivered to the Atlantic coast. In addition, there are a large number of new pipelines proposed for Alberta First North American refinery to be built in nearly 30 years will eventually process 150,000 barrels of bitumen per day. on Western Canada's heavy oil. Instead, both CNRL and the government.

This map shows oil refinery operations in red dots and allow users to search and report health issues directly on the map colored in blue. Many communities throughout the World live in close proximity to oil and gas refining operations. There are health risks breathing breathing polluted air such as asthma and also cancer in some instances. Brahms Oil Refineries Ltd. is the result of its Founder's vision who realized the market opportunities created by the lack of refining capacity in Africa. Combined with Africa's strong desire to develop an industrial base and strategic reserves within each country, our CEO, Mr. Daouda Fall, thus founded Brahms to erect modular crude oil refineries in selected Sub-Saharan countries The Edmonton Refinery sits on 247 hectares of land in Strathcona County and processes feedstock from Suncor's oil sands operations. The 146,000 barrel-per-day refinery produces gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and aviation gasoline, which supplies most of Western Canada by truck, rail and pipelines

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a top Biden ally, ordered Canadian energy company Enbridge last fall to shut down its Line 5 — a key piece of a crude delivery network from Alberta's oil fields to refineries in the U.S. Midwest and eastern Canada Refinery Report. Shining a spotlight on refineries throughout the United States and Canada. This is the first phase of a project to provide greater transparency on the inputs and outputs of North America's refineries Oil Refinery Apprentice Jobs - Trainee who works to become a certified or accomplished worker by training either in classrooms and/or on-site with experienced journeymen. Apprentices are usually paid and agreed to fraction of what a journeyman gets that can range from 20 percent to as high as 60 percent

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Canada is the world's fourth largest producer of both conventional and unconventional crude oil. Unlike most other major producers, Canada has essentially one export market: the United States.Crude and refined oil exports from Canada to the US doubled between 2003 and 2017, but the lack of pipeline capacity to the US, coupled with increased production in both countries, has resulted in. The nearly 1,200-mile Keystone XL was intended to carry crude oil from Canada to Nebraska, where it would connect with an existing network to deliver the crude to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico The refineries here are enjoying higher profits, credit to generous supplies from Canada and domestic oil. Imports from Canada reached 1.76 million barrels a day in the first quarter of 2012, an increase of almost 22 percent from last year (Source: EIA). Unsurprisingly, Canada is the largest supplier of crude to the US followed by Saudi Arabia

Terra Nova Oil Field, Terra Nova FPSO, Terra Nova Map, Canada Oil Fields, Suncor Terra Nova, Hibernia Oil Field, Hebron Oil Platform, Terra Nova Newfoundland, Hebron Oil Rig, Offshore Oil Field, White Rose FPSO, FPSO Vessel, Terra Nova Laser, FPSO Turret, FPSO Ship, Hebron GBS, Terra Nova NaturOil, Hebron ExxonMobil, Terra Nova Oil Drill, Canadian Oil Fields, Oilfield Drilling Rigs, Brazil Oil. On New Year's Eve 2009, a train with 104 tank cars of light crude oil traveled 1,123 miles from North Dakota's Bakken oil fields to a terminal in Stroud, Oklahoma, and opened a new front in the war over development of Canada's tar sands. It didn't seem that way at the time

Over the past 10 years, the value of petroleum liquids traded between the two has measured as high as 20 per cent of all Canada-U.S. trade. Up to 90 per cent of oil refined in Eastern Canada. Refinery Kettle Helper Mississauga, ON, Canada Req #484 Tuesday, February 9, 2021 About Terrapure Terrapure Environmental is a leading Canadian provider of $22 - $30 an hour OIl Tanker Drive Oil refining takes place in an oil refinery and the processes include distillation, coking, cracking, reforming as well as post treatment and the refining of products The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 40,370 oil-refinery workers earn an average annual wage of $73,830 or $35.49 an hour, as of May 2019. The top 25 percent of earners make $90,060 or more, with the top 10 percent of experienced workers making $100,070 or more. Meanwhile, the bottom 25 percent of workers earn $58,370 or less. Those in the lowest 10 percent earn $47,380 or less Refinery capacity is shrinking at a faster pace than oil production is declining due to the arctic weather, according to Energy Aspects. Disruptions to refining operations could be prolonged if the cold damages any equipment or if the power outages affecting Texas are not resolved quickly, the consultant said in a note to clients

Oil demand this year is likely to fall by around 10 million barrels per day, a note has warned. Several large refineries were due to start up in 2020 but the pandemic has pushed these back Canada's Imperial Oil Ltd (IMO.TO) posted a first-quarter profit and raised its quarterly dividend on Friday, bolstered by higher crude prices, as well as improved refining and chemical margins U.S. oil refineries are moving aggressively to produce renewable diesel, partly to cash in on Canada's greener fuel standard before Canadian refiners modify their own plants

Re-refining used motor oil means less crude oil has to be pumped and refined, which is a savings in natural resources as well as energy. The United States Environmental Protection Agency states: If properly managed, used oil is a valuable resource that can be used as a base stock for new lubricating oil. When waste oil is re-refined instead of being burned or otherwise disposed. ConocoPhillips is an independent exploration and production (E&P) company headquartered in Houston, Texas. We explore for, produce, transport and market crude oil, bitumen, natural gas, natural gas liquids and liquefied natural gas on a worldwide basi Canada's Imperial Oil Ltd eked out a first-quarter profit on Friday, after having slipped into a loss in the fourth, helped by higher prices for crude, as well as improved refining and chemical. Currently, 99% of exports go to refiners in the United States, where limits on pipeline and refinery capacity cause Canada to sell oil at a discount. It's really simple. Right now, we basically. That refinery already was financially troubled; the explosion just administered the final blow, and the 335,000-barrel-per-day operation closed for good. Closing a refinery is always a less-than-perfect term. At a certain point, the value of the refinery will slide toward the value of its scrap metal and other secondary items

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Other refineries under review for potential sale or closure include Puget Sound, Washington, and Mobile, Alabama, along with ones in Canada and Denmark. The Convent refinery sits on 4,400 acres. National Geographic labels Canada's oil operation as the world's most destructive as the extraction process from oil sands is energy-intensive. Large swathes of the boreal forest have been destroyed to make way for bitumen to be mined from massive, open pits so large they can be seen from outer space. Oil refinery in Iran Most American refineries are configured to process heavier crude grades, creating a mismatch with the growing supply of light shale oil being extracted in places like the Permian Basin in Texas

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