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Get $20 off your next order of $100+ when you refer a friend to Chacos.com and they make a qualifying purchase. Your friend will receive a $20 promo code to use on their first purchase of $100+ at Chacos.com. Please read all terms and conditions. Offer valid on US orders only. Some restrictions may apply Properly fitting Chacos won't slide off your feet or rub too tightly on your skin. If you feel like the straps are biting into your skin that they could cause blisters, loosen it up. If you feel like the sandals slip off your feet too much, tighten the straps or try a pair that's one size smaller

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Pull towards the right if you are working on your left sandal and pull to the left if it's your right sandal. Once you have loosened the strap, wear your Chacos, and work on individual straps one at a time. Tightening the straps from the ankle to make sure there is a longer length left for the big toe Blisters come from rubbing so a properly adjusted pair of Chacos with a toe strap may move less and rub less - which can potentially reduce blisters. Bear in mind, though, that any Chacos will need proper wearing in and I highly recommend you not to set off on a hike in a brand-new pair of Chacos - or you'll regret it Mix together in a bucket 1 part water and 1 part unscented liquid fabric softener. Let the sandals soak overnight, then pull straight up on the straps where it comes out of the sandal. Be sure not to pull the straps at an unnatural angle, this can tear the footbed. After un-sticking, rinse or wash your sandals The trouble with the new wide Chacos is the straps don't feel like they are placed properly and they are much too long. They ride too high on my ankle in front and rub my ankles raw. I've tried everything to try to fix this and finally resolved it by wrapping elastic bands around the buckles to attach the buckle to the middle strap so that it.

To loosen your toe loop Chacos, pull on the straps on the outside of your foot that ends close to your big toe. To tighten your Chacos, you will have to pull tightly on all the straps and then push on the buckle to lock it in. You will need to be patient with your Chacos I ordered a size 8 classic chacos with a toe strap and have a question. For the shoe to be snug (and without the heel strap sliding around) I have to pull the strap completely tight. Should I have gotten a size 7? I am concerned that the straps will become loose over time and I won't have any space to tighten them further

I have a pair without the toe strap. I wear them daily and hike in them regularly. They did take quite a while to break in and initially gave me blisters (mostly the side strap). My girlfriend has owned three different pairs of Chacos and here is what she has to say: The toe loops are worth it but take some getting used to Reinforce Even The Thinnest Sandal Straps Foot Petals Strappy Strips , $7, Amazon If you've got a pair of strappy shoes that give you constant trouble, these Foot Petals Strappy Strips might. I had a pair co chacos in wide and they simply would not hold the strap setting. I would evenly tighten the toe and ankle strap and after walking 50 feet the toes were loose and the ankle so tight it felt like my circulation was being cut off. I contacted chacos and they told me I should put sand in the slots where the straps go in I've never experienced this before with Chacos. I've tried all the household deodorizing techniques that I can find (vinegar, baking soda, citrus, alcohol (drinking and rubbing), tea tree oil, etc). They've been through the dishwasher, a class 4 rapid, the clothes washer, the car wash, a week in the freezer

Wear socks with your sandals until they're sufficiently stretched out and worn. Put an adhesive bandage across your heel where the back strap of your sandal rubs. This way, the strap will rub the bandage and not you skin. If your sandals rub other parts of your foot as well, place bandages in those places The quickest way to ruin a pair of Chacos is to get sand inside the footbed with the straps. The sand rubs at the straps until it cuts straight through them. If the straps just feel too short no matter how well the footbed fits, you can custom order Chacos directly from their website and have extra length added to the straps My problem with the new Chacos was the way the footbed to outer side of my feet just below my ankles dug into the soles of my feet. It's at the point where the strap comes out of the footbed. I didn't notice a problem when I first put them on, but after only a couple hours, my feet started rebelling Chacos are heavy. Very, very heavy. I can see why; they're made for serious hikes. But Chacos seriously needs a lighter weight version for people who don't need all that mountaineering toughness. The straps could be softer. Plenty of other companies have more snuggly options, and although Chacos can't really move much once they're on, a. Chacos Fit, Straps, & Warranty. The great thing about Chaco sandals is that their straps let you adjust to fit your feet perfectly. First time Chaco buyers may not know about this, just like Being Barton in the video below.. She was able to try out the left sandal in the store and since so many people have tried it on, it was already adjusted and fit her foot perfectly

Use a clean rag and a small amount of leather cleaner (whatever is recommended on the bottle), and rub the cleaner into the straps and footbed of your Chacos. Nikwax is the most often used leather cleaner used with Chacos. Applying leather conditioner to your shoes can also help prevent drying and cracking Learn how to adjust the straps on Chaco sandals, and why you should be wearing a pair if you aren't. Check out our Chaco sandal selection here: http://amzn.t..

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finally chaco mules and then oh the great disappointment. this are not like the last chaco mules that they discontinued. the straps that criss-cross across you foot are not adjustable. only the side strap is. if you have narrow feet the side strap will not sinch enough. at the side straps minimum adjustment, it is still to wide. the yellow. Women's Outdoor Sandals and Light Hiking Footwear. No closet or pack is complete without women's outdoor sandals or shoes from Chaco. Our collection of premium women's footwear comes in a variety of materials - like rich leathers and durable PU - to cover everything from adventurous hikes to lunch dates to treks around town. Our women's footwear feature the Chaco LUVSEAT™ footbed for.

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Pick your Chacos up and then throw more dirt/mud on them, careful to rub the gritty goodness into the straps right where they meet the footbed. The goal of this exercise is to mimic the early development of the Chaco tipping point in order to ensure the placement of strap positioning in your favor for future enjoyment The instep straps on Chacos are completely adjustable. There's no need for them to be super tight. They just need to be tight enough to stay in place. An alcohol rub can speed things up. Are Chacos Better With Or Without The Toe Strap? The toe strap does take some getting used to. However, you may need some extra security if you plan to. Speaking of straps, let's go over them. Chaco offers two basic varieties of strap configurations, the Z1 and the Z2. The differences being, Z1 has no toe loop while Z2 does. What you choose is up to you and what your socks want to do through out your hike (more on that later) Y'all my feet are suffering this time around more than ever so I need some advice. I have a pair of Z3 Chacos that I would consider to be well Having read that the Chaco straps are often a problem with the doubles, I returned those and opted for the single wide strap. I had high hopes, but unfortunately for me, the problem is the same. I'm in a constant battle with the toe strap. Not only is it annoying, but when that strap tightens up over the big toe it seriously hurts

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I have bought several pairs of the chaco sandals. This is my favorite style. The soles have good support and the straps keep my foot in place.The straps do not rub at all. I wear a size 12b so it's hard to find decent sandals in my size. These sandals last a long time and are easy to clean if you get them dirty The straps do not rub anywhere. They can be perfectly adjusted to be tight enough not to rub but not too tight. The quality looks great. I've gone through many pairs of Tevas and one pair of Keens where the soles fell off. I don't know how the Chaco soles will hold up but I am optimistic WHY HIKING IN SANDALS ISN'T GREAT. Sandal straps can be abrasive - We mentioned earlier that blisters are much less likely with sandals, but there is a caveat.If your hike is in a really wet area, or a really sandy area, or a really wet and sandy area, you may experience a good amount of hotspots on your feet.Water and/or sand can turn the straps of your sandals in to sandpaper and can cause.

Known the world over for their dependability across rough terrain, Chaco Sandals have rightfully developed a loyal, almost cult-like following. Building off this far-reaching success, the Chaco Women's Z/1 Classic Sandal provides the classic style and rugged durability that's legendary among hikers, river paddlers, and everyday wearers. Pull-through adjustable webbing straps provide a fine. The travel-ready Chaco Z/Cloud sandals feature adjustable straps, performance ChacoGrip rubber outsoles and ultrasoft topsoles for cushioning underfoot. Features Polyester Jacquard webbing uppers and high-tensile webbing heel risers with durable ladderlock buckles wrap around your feet and through the midsoles for a customized fi The straps that can cut the tops of your feet. When they are new, the straps are a bit stiff. An alternative to socks would be some athletic/medical tape (or even duct tape) placed just on any red spots as soon as they form. You could perhaps also be irritated by the bumps on the top-sole for a few days at first Strap tab by the inside arch can rub; Stability: With the traditional Chaco strap system, the straps are usually fed through the sole underneath the footbed. In the Lowdown design, the polyester jacquard webbing is threaded through leather-like synthetic tabs. At first glance this seems to make sense But, Chacos give me blisters. I get blisters from the toe strap. I should have gotten the kind without a toe strap. But I also get blisters from the heel cup. The heel cup is too narrow for me. But my feet are too small for a mens. I wonder if the wide Chacos are wide in the heel

The Chacos with the toe strap. I hiked the AT and the Florida trail in the Chacos without the toe strap; since then I have switched to the ones with the toe strap: the Z/2. I like hiking with the toe strap, my feet stay warmer and the ice doesn't build up under my toes in the snow as bad. I wear them with tabi socks. I think there now may be. The entire strap system is made from one interconnected piece of webbing material that is hidden within the footbed. To adjust one of the straps, you pull some slack through the footbed to tighten or loosen as needed. This system can take a little getting used to, but the Chaco website has a user-friendly tutorial to help you out

I love my Chaco's! I too bring 2-3 differebt shoes to switch between. Use body glide on areas you think might rub a bit. Helps me every time! I have worn bith flip flops and sandals in the parks and been fine for hours While hotspots can still occur where straps rub on your feet, it's much easier to take preventative measures in sandals. Adjusting where the straps sit on your foot can provide relief, and we always carry some athletic tape with us to use as a barrier between hotspots and straps to prevent blisters The toe strap is much more minimalist, usually made out of something like soft nylon that won't rub between your toes. In most sandals, this between-the-toe strap goes up over your foot and connects behind the ankle, which again makes it much more securely strapped to your foot Why do my Chacos hurt my feet? And it's true, Chaco sandals are not the soft, cushy shoes that you expect when you hear the way current owners talk about them. The footbed is very firm, the models with the toe strap can rub a blister between your toes, and if you don't get the right side the arch support will bruise the bottom of your foot Rainbows flip flops do well, but I'd like to find a sandal with a heel strap. The Clarks are comfy but cause rubbing on the soles of my feet. The chacos straps chafe. The Eccos are too stiff in the sole. The keens are too confining. I can tape up the princess feet with moleskin but am looking for a better solution

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The nylon straps stretch to enhance comfort and reduce rubbing and blisters. Each sandal is hand-woven and the slim design means they easily fit in your luggage and beach bag . The Plaka Palm Leaf Flat Sandals are ideal whether you're heading to the beach or need to complete a summer outfit The strap (as I mentioned) can rub at first until properly adjusted. I can't recommend enough the Band-Aid Friction block. It looks like a tiny deodorant stick and is sold by all the corn cushions etc. Rub it on in the morning wherever somehting is rubbing or you think might...it works beautifully My Chaco straps rub my feet raw in places. I had to stop wearing them. I adjusted them different ways and nothing made it better. MudQueen22 DIS Veteran. Joined Mar 14, 2014. Aug 8, 2019 #87 Toolulu22 said: The woman with the injury to the toes didn't happen to be last week at AK, did it

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The Chaco ZX1 Classic Athletic Sandals are almost identical to the Z1 apart from instead of having a single webbed band, it has a double strap system. This allows for an even better fit as both straps run parallel to each other but also work independently to find the best fit for your foot it takes a little while to get used to the big toe strap, but they are great shoes. Chacos tend to form the foot, so wearing someone elses might not be the best. I used to run backpacking trips in the desert and used Tevas my first summer. They broke down after a couple of months. I bought a pair of Chacos and the lasted the final two summers i. try rubbing them twice a week with a foot file and apply Vaseline after a bath. Follow by putting on a pair of cotton socks to allow the Vaseline to soak in, Heidi says. Wear in your shoes before. Chacos don't come in half sizes and I am typically a 10 and a half. I had gone for 11s back in 2003. This time around, I ordered 10s in the new ZX / dual-thin strap style, still electing to have the toe-strap. So far, I like them. The 10 is definitely a better fit for my foot. And the dual-thin strap of the ZX makes them much easier to adjust

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  1. Chacos' soles are bombproof Vibram, and they are as stiff as most shanked trail runners. The straps are unlikely to cause blisters (Teva's can since they are quite stiff). For me, however, off-the-shelf Chacos have way too narrow a heel strap (which is not adjustable). Chaco will custom cut things for you, but that takes a lot of time and shipping
  2. Gotta break your feet into the sandals. Gotta wear them every day like OP till you get callouses in the right spots. The first year it took a few weeks. Nowadays it's the first couple miles in the spring rub my feet a bit, then they can adapt and handle it. Chacos are not really the footwear of someone who isn't outside frequently
  3. The Chaco Z/1 Classic is an undeniably popular sandal, and for good reason. It's stylish, comfortable, and provides a very supportive platform that is great for a variety of activities. The Z/1 Classic features a high arch and the stiffest sole material found in the Chaco family
  4. Like all of the Chaco models, the Z/Volv X2 has a continuous strap that flows in and out of the sandal's sole to achieve a foot-hugging fit. Note that the X2 models, like this one, actually have two parallel straps (since they function as one and they're meant to be adjusted together, we'll refer to them as the strap). This is a mixed bag in.

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Shop more Chaco sandals here.Women's Chaco ZX/2 Classic Sandal. My feet felt great afterwards. No new shoe discomfort or rubbing. See more. VS. Most helpful negative review. Average Rating: (2.0) out of 5 stars. Bad fit. Toe straps were too tight and side strap on one shoe was dragging the ground, it was so long. See more. VS. Most helpful. The first day I was worried about rubbing from the rubber heel strap, but I have not had a problem since! I do a bit of road biking and these shoes are better than my athletic shoes for biking in. The sole has more support than athletic shoes. I have also been hiking and swimming in my Z/Canyon Chacos I've loved and purchased Chaco sandals for years. These sandals provide good support, are attractive and would be more comfortable except for the toe strap; in spite of loosening the other straps they are still too tight. While very attractive, I find the narrow straps more difficult to use and the often twist, digging into my foot

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Straps. Chaco sandals generally have one to three straps. While all types of Chaco sandals provide excellent comfort, the single strap ones are typically easier to adjust and put on. You get strap options for both the classic and cloud sandals. But the classic range has three straps options, which is not available in the cloud range Chaco manufactures very high quality sandals but they should take a page out of Rainbow Sandal page in terms of comfort. Never have I owned a flip flop as bad as Chaco, and that's saying a lot. I have 5 pairs of Rainbows, 3 Sanuks, 2 Reefs, a Teva (I don't care much about Teva though) and now 2 Chacos, which are going to the trash very soon Chaco Z/Cloud Sandals. A super combination of soft pillowy comfort under your feet, a custom wrap around fit, and great traction with 3.5 mm lugs. Custom adjustable strap system; Polyester webbing upper wraps around your foot; High-performance ChacoGrip rubber outsole; LUVSEAT dual-density soft PU midsole for cushio

The Chaco Harper Flip is a leather sandal with rich suede and full-grain leather double-straps anchors in an antiqued leather-wrap midsole comprising our APMA certified PU LUVSEAT footbed and 25%-recycled rubber EcoTread outsole, with textured feathered braiding to add a touch of decorative detail A Chaco classic that's been outfitted with an ultra-soft footbed for increased comfort, the Z/Cloud 2 Women's Sandal is travel-ready, plush, and seriously versatile. It sports the same polyester webbing, toe loop, and ChacoGrip rubber sole as other Chaco models, but it comes with a LUVSEAT PU midsole and ridiculously cushy footbed, so long days exploring distant cities don't take a toll on. Wasn't planning on getting a second pair of Chacos, but the rose gold metallic straps got me! The foot bed is super comfortable. I gave them 4 stars for comfort because the straps started to rub on my foot a bit the first time I wore them, but it is probably my fault for not properly breaking them in before a long walk. Fit is true to size

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The Chaco Z2 is great, the Cloud 2 is a slightly better version. I have worn the Z2 for years, multiple colors, and I am a fan of this shoe. The toe strap gives perfect shoe control when running or hiking. The arch is enough to prevent any issues, and the comfort is outstanding. I have tried multiple Chaco shoes, but always come back to the Z2 The Chaco Z/2 Unaweep women's sandals offer great versatility, comfort and support for water or land use thanks to a rugged outsole and an easily adjustable, secure strap system. Features Adjustable polyester strapping system uses pull-through design to give you a secure fit while avoiding the bulkiness of extra buckles and straps Drawing steadfast loyalty with its rugged dependability, the Chaco Men's Z/2 Classic Sandal is a perennial favorite of seasoned travelers, hardcore hikers, and river runners. Its refreshingly simple design uses only eight components for timeless style and functionality in demanding conditions. Pull-through adjustable webbing straps provide a fine-tuned fit while the ladder lock buckle keeps.

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  1. The easiest step in caring for your new Chacos is just rinsing them off after you have used them. Dirt and nastiness can build in the channels that the straps flow through, which can lead to the straps sticking and some serious stank over time. Take them off before you head inside and hose them down
  2. Chaco is a footwear company that specializes in Z-strap sandals. However, they also sell boots, flip-flops, and shoes. On top of that, they offer various types of gear such as bags, hats, socks, and wrist wraps. In fact, they even have a pets collection! About Chaco. Chaco was established in 1989 by Mark Paigen
  3. Yes. Don't. In general I really love my Chacos, but like another poster, they did start to rub after a while - second day for me. The trouble with Chacos is that once one part of the strap starts to rub, the rest of it does too... add the frequent rainfall and/or sweat on a hot day, and that's a recipe for blisters
  4. The big problem I have with my chacos is blisters where the strap touches skin. Chaco's are the only sandal I can wear, so far, that even is tolerable for me.. Chaco Sandals: Butt Ugly, But Damn Worth It- Her Packing List: Yes, Chaco sandals made the cut on my packing list, and I stick by my decision in the face of opposition
  5. If my feet did swell, I just adjusted the straps to make them looser so no rubbing. My feet and legs feel great in the Chacos! No aches!! My Keens & Birks are also nice, but I really love the extra arch support the Chacos give. I think I have found my perfect WDW shoe! Lives4Disne
  6. Chacos are the best hiking shoes for all types of terrain from the Zion Narrows to the Rocky Mountains. Hiking in Chacos is easy and comfortable. Three straps AND a toe loop! I didn't love them in the Narrows, I'll admit, but they weren't all the way broken in yet and were rubbing on my little toe pretty bad. Once I was in the.

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The straps and buckles are lined with a quick-dry, eco-friendly material called Ariapene® that provides a layer of soft cushioning between the sandal and your feet. This prevents uncomfortable rubbing and painful blisters. This material is also quick dry for splashing around in the water. With my Chacos the front strap did not hinder me. Chaco Makes Good Sandals To Explore the Great Outdoors The straps are a durable fabric that does not rub, the foot bed is cushy and supportive, and the bottom has a slight tread to prevent slipping. Check Price: Teva Mahonia Wedge Cross Strap They also boast a range of non-sport sandal styles including the low and mid-heeled Mahonia. Chacos are the best things you can put on your feet. Whether you are spending a day on the trails, walking around, whitewater rafting, or simply trying to get a chaco tan, these sandals are the best for the outdoors. The only parts that are now wearing down are the soles naturally, the straps rub against the other overlapped one. Now six. Chacos come in every shape, size and color but the newest of these designs is the Fantasia. The Fantasia differs from previous versions of Chacos because they are lacking the strap that starts on the inside middle side of the foot and goes to the other side. This is a strap that all previous versions have had but the Fantasia does without

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The female version of the Chaco Z/Cloud, the Banded Z/Cloud sandals are a great option for your travel needs. Creating a comfortable pocket for your foot, the straps on this top travel sandal actually secure your foot and ensure that it won't be sliding around on top of the sole as you explore Buy Chaco ZX/1 Classic Women's at Walmart.com. Pickup & delivery they rub and get really uncomfortable, so these are not suitable for the beach. I do love that they adjust to fit so perfectly. The straps all interconnect so the fit can be customized and that's a great feature. I do wish they had the wide width in some other colors, but. Chacos are the summer staple at our house. My husband wears them pretty constantly in warm weather. They hike great and stay on if you wind up swimming a rapid. It does take a bit of an adjustment period to get the straps super comfy, so strap them tight and walk in them for a couple of days before they are perfect. Aliza Mill

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  1. The straps are comfortable and do not rub, chafe, or bite into my skin. The sole is tough, and provided a comfortable grip on large gravel and uneven terrain in both wet and dry weather conditions. I would easily wear this sandal on paddling trips for getting in and out and transitioning from water to dry land
  2. Overview: The Chaco Z/1 Classic Black Sandals for Men are an ideal for the outdoor enthusiast, whether you are hitting the trail or kayaking down a river. They feature a semi-rigid orthotic arch support with fully adjustable polyester jacquard webbing straps for a custom fit. Chaco's LUVSEAT polyurethane midsole provide comfort and their non-marking ChacoGrip rubber compound provides optimal.
  3. imize the rubbing (EDIT TO ADD - and with the Velcro straps, I could fine tune adjust them to each foot - if the strap was rubbing.
  4. BUY Chaco ZX2 Classic USA Sandals - Women's. Qualified orders eligible for FREE S&H and FREE RETURNS. Womens Shoe Size: 10 US, 11 US, 5 US, 6 US, 7 US, 8 US, 9..
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  1. The area between my toes used to get BLISTERS from the rubbing of the flip-flop strap. I'd just put a band-aid on it and keep going. After a little bit, your toes adjust and the skin toughens up. Same with the straps on the Chacos. If that's not a pain you're willing to endure for a while, I recommend the kind that don't strap around the big toe
  2. The Chillos Flip is engineered with Chaco's contoured LUVSEAT™ technology that delivers all day arch support, making them the perfect recovery sandal. The padded poly-jacquard upper is durability, quick-drying, and avoids rubbing and irritation. The high-abrasion EVA midsole and outsole help keep the Chillos Flip lightweight
  3. The real saver for me was to loosen the straps all the way to the buckle and distribute the slack across all the strap areas. It keeps the sandal on my foot but prevents some of the blister-causing rub. Had never worn a sandal that way but it just works with Chaco's. Also a huge Chacs-n-socks believer. Megan Staheli Height: 5'3 Weight: 125lb

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  1. However, after wearing them for a few hours, the straps around my toes begin to constrict, often so much that it begins to cut off full circulation. Another result of the straps tightening is that the loose end of the adjustment strap becomes so long that it drags on the ground
  2. Chacos make for a safe gift for just about any adventurer. Gave it 4 stars because the straps tent to rub your feet raw after walking in them for a few miles. Not ideal hiking shoes, but pretty great to wear around camp during the Summer
  3. If this is your first time in a pair of Chacos, the straps will rub some pretty weird spots that most other sandals/shoes/boots don't, so you WILL get blisters from a lot of walking. I'm not sure how long it takes to break them in fully, but I would just expect this to be a thing you've gotta deal with for a while
  4. When I first heard about these Chaco boots, I wondered how they would compare comfort-wise with the well-known Chaco sandals.. (Many readers are probably familiar with Chaco sandals, with their rugged, arch-supporting soles and colorful criss-cross straps that adjust to fit everyone - and leave fun tan lines on your feet)
  5. Chaco Review. Chacos were not introduced in the year 1989 privately for just a few people. Later on, they spread nationwide and then internationally as well. The brand is iconic because of its unique strap design. They use a z strip instead of a cut and sew design for the bands. The z strip is a continuous strap that loops through the sole
  6. utes and I was ready to get walking

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Wear a mask, wash your hands, stay safe. Shop unique Chaco face masks designed and sold by independent artists. Get up to 20% off The Chaco Women's Z/2 Classic Sandal is a toe loop sandal for summer's start to summer's end. It doesn't matter whether you're spending time on the beach or trail, around town or just in your own backyard. The webbing loops allow you to adjust the sandal to your foot, from toe to heel Straps shouldn't feel tight, pinch, or rub. The sandal should feel secure on your feet, but stability will differ depending on the style. Heel. A sandal with a heel is dressier but less comfortable, for obvious reasons. Too high a heel can put undue pressure on your toes and calves. Flat sandals are usually for more casual wear Check great and honest reviews! BUY Chaco ZX2 Classic USA Sandals - Women's. Qualified orders eligible for FREE S&H and FREE RETURNS. Womens Shoe Size: 10, 11, 5, 6. Product Discontinued by Manufacturer. Chaco Z1 Unaweep Sandal - Womens has been discontinued by Chaco and is no longer available. Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below.You can also explore other items in the Footwear, Women's Footwear, Women's Sandals, Casual Sandals yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you

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Chaco is known for their sturdy outdoor shoes - often with straps that hold the shoe in place. These are great for hiking around and for the beach. But this flip flop, with its more causal style, is definitely a great addition to my other summer sandals because I can just slip into them and run out the door Chaco Z/Cloud 2 Sandals. while the heel sling strap has a padded interior to reduce the chances of rubbing and irritation. Cons: The straps are non-adjustable so they may fit tighter or looser.

Chaco Hipthong Sandal - Men's | BackcountryHelpful Advice For Your Next Camping Adventure (WithHow to Adjust Chacos: Loosen or Tighten Your Chacos to Get
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