Seagate external hard disk corrupted and unreadable

In most cases, seagate external hard drive corrupted or unreadable, the common reasons are: insufficient power supply, file system corrupted, damaged seagate external hard drive partition,system errors, logical damage, etc The external hard drive becomes unreadable and corrupted due to carelessly disconnecting or powering down the industry without following the eject drive protocol. You can fix corrupted hard drive with a quick scan on the PC with the disk checking utility and its drive repair function In a word, the external hard drive is corrupted and unreadable now. The positive side of the issue is that most corrupted external HDD is caused by logical damages, which means you can fix it on your own. However, if it is a physical damage, you will have to seek help of professionals The error - 'disk structure is corrupted and unreadable' may occur due to corrupt disk drives. To fix this, you may connect your external hard drive to the system and reinstall the disk drives with the following steps If you don't have any valuable data on the not detected Seagate external hard drive, your second choice is to use Disk Management to create a new partition with the following steps: Step 1. Connect the unallocated Seagate external hard drive to PC and open Windows Disk Management. Step 2

Seagate external hard drive corrupted and unreadable

I have a 1TB external hard drive by Seagate. Model SRD0SP0. It was working fine yesterday and when I went to turn it on today, I got a message saying it was Corrupt and Unreadable. It then asked me if I wanted to format the disk, which I denied. I tried the chkdsk command and that was unable to recover the master file table Go back to Disk Management, you can see GPT disk is Not Initialized now. Within Disk Management, right click on disk info, choose Initialize Disk, You can see GPT disk is Unallocated now. Right click on disk info, choose New Partition, follow Partition Wizard and format it. Now you are able to use the disk in Windows XP Most of the times a Seagate Hard Disk beeps due to failed connection. If the connection between your external Seagate Hard Drive and your system isn't well established, you might hear a beeping or clicking sound from the HDD. To repair your Seagate Hard Drive, simply try to plug your Hard Drive into another port of your System 1.) Confirm the drive is seen in Disk Utility. Click Go on the top menu bar from the Desktop. Choose Utilities. Choose Disk Utility. 2.) Once Disk Utility is launched a drive list will be displayed in the left hand column. 3.) The external Seagate drive should appear in this list as a selectable drive

How to Fix a Corrupted and Unreadable External Hard drive

  1. Ever try to open a USB hard drive or external drive and get the error message: Location is not available e:\ is not accessible The file or directory is cor..
  2. Locate the drive on the Desktop or in Finder. Control-click or right-click on the drive and select Get Info from the menu. In the General information section, note the format the of drive, for example, Mac OS Extended (Journaled), APFS, exFAT, etc. In the Sharing and Permissions section, note the type of permissions for the volume
  3. Unfold Disk drivers, then you can see your hard drives that are connected to this PC. Now right click the disk that is saying the disk structure is corrupted and unreadable and choose Uninstall from the options. Step 3. You will receive a warning message asking to confirm that you want to uninstall this device from your system
  4. Try to check the external hard drive using Disk Management. On the desktop, right-click on This PC (My Computer) -> Management -> Disk Management. Select an external disk among the volumes, then right-click on it and select Mark partition as active. All these methods can be useful if your external hard drive is not detected by the computer
  5. If the error 'The Disk Structure Is Corrupted and Unreadable' is intermittent, it is highly advisable to back up the data as soon as possible to avoid data loss and reformat the drive before using it again as a preventive measure
  6. 1- when you connect your hard drive, please listen to sounds of your hard drive. 2- if you dont hear any noise like a clicking, buzzing or unusual sound, take a breath :) . 3- Right click on my computer an click manage. 4- go to Disk management from left sidebar. 5- look at right section to find your Disk

External Hard Drive Corrupted and Unreadable Fixed without

  1. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable is a common error that always appears when you connect an external storage device to a Windows computer, including external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card and etc. Once you see this error message, you'll be unable to access the data in your external storage devices
  2. Launch Recoverit Hard Drive Recovery and opt for a data recovery mode. To recover data from corrupted external hard disk, select the external hard disk where you wish to recover your data. To commence the process, you can click on the Start button. Quick Scan the external drive. Recoverit will have your damaged external hard drive quickly.
  3. Error The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable Windows error is a very common error that can occur in any version of the windows. This error is related to the hard drive. It prevents the user from accessing the contents of the drive. It is not limited to the external hard drive; it equally affects the internal hard drive as well

Solved : The Disk Structure Is Corrupted and Unreadable in

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Hard drive equipment like platters, read/write head or spindle motor may imminently stops working due to unavoidable damages or completed lifespan which may ultimately cause inaccessibility or damages to your external hard disk drive. Reasons why your external hard drive may become inaccessible or corrupt #1. Formatting Errors: - External hard. Select the external hard drive at the left side. Click on the First Aid button, or right-click the external hard drive and choose First Aid from the options. Click Run. If you see the messages telling you that the First Aid failed, the external hard drive is too corrupted to be fixed by First Aid. Fix a corrupted external hard drive by formattin Unreadable external hard drives are not often but it is a complex scenario. Unfortunately, it is impossible or highly complicated to manually recover data from unreadable or corrupted external hard drives. Nevertheless, one could recover data from unreadable external hard drives with a little help from experts While it isn't freeware, you can add the trial version to Windows from this website and fix a disk drive with it. Open M3 RAW and select the drive to fix. Click the Next button to scan the disk drive. The software will show you a list of files on the disk drive. Press the Fix Drive button to fix the disk drive. 5 Method 1: Fix not readable, recognized Seagate Backup Plus drive drive with Disk Utility Disk Utility is a built-in tool on Mac that can help fix errors. 1. Launch Disk Utility from Utilities

A corrupt and unreadable hard drive could easily just be the victim of some logical corruption around key filesystem areas, such as the partition superblock. But the hard drive had, in fact, suffered a minor read/write heads failure Seagate External HDD - Disk Structure is Corrupted and Unreadable My first time dealing with data recovery. A 1TB Seagate backup plus slim (STDR1000100) failed on us this week

8 Ways Fix Seagate External Hard Drive Not Working - EaseU

External hard drive corrupted and unreadable fix - Best answers; but still drive inaccessible and keep showing LOCAL DISK instead of SEAGATE. So I rescan again using chkdsk J: /f and I am so happy that . all my files are now showing and I will make sure I back them up. THANK YOU ! THANK YOU! Report Open Disk Utility through Finder and Applications. Select the external hard drive at the left side. Click on the Erase button, or right-click the external hard drive and choose Erase from the options. Give the external hard drive a name Hello, My external hard drive cant be opened it says corrupted and unreadable . I don't want to format it as it contains valuable data. Any idea how to recover my data or fix this issue

Seagate 1TB External Hard Drive Corrupt and Unreadable

  1. The failed Seagate external drive was suffering, first and foremost, from a firmware problem. Before you can see anything on a drive, the read/write heads have to read and make a handshake with the firmware. Hard drive firmware is the operating system of the hard drive
  2. The file may be corrupt or unreadable. Needless to say, a corrupt storage system is one of the major reasons behind this problem. This halts the installation process in between and users need to take some preventive measures by clearing the drive. Later, they can try to access the files or install the firmware again
  3. Poor contact will cause HDD corrupted. If you fail to read hard drive, for an external hard drive, try to plug hard drive into another USB port and open your hard drive again. As for the power check of the internal hard disk, there may be challenges
  4. Attack the platter to render a hard-disk unreadable No matter how thorough a data-wiping program is, the only way to be certain that a hard-drive's data is unrecoverable is by rendering the drive.
  5. Thus, you can run it to solve the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer WD/Seagate/SD card/USB flash drive issue. Here is what you should do: Go to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility. Right-click on the corrupted external drive and choose the Run First Aid option from the popup menu

Use recover partition to recover files from seagate external hard drive the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable laptop partition,lost partition,changed,damaged partition.And if the size or position of partition is changed by format,It can not recover with unformatso you can use recover partitionmode While it is possible that your external hard drive may have come with bundled software that may be incompatible with newer operating systems, this is typically just 'back up' software, and the drive is not dependent on that software to function

Unexpected File System Errors: Seagate external hard drive may display error messages related to the file system during usage which indicates that files do not exist or corrupted Quite often, issues such as a Seagate external hard disk light blinking but not being detected can be fixed by simply rebooting the computer. To do this, disconnect your external hard drive from the computer. Now turn off the PC for at least 1 minute. Then reconnect the external hard drive and turn on the computer If Disk Utility failed to fix the corrupted external hard drive for you, the file system of your external hard drive could be seriously corrupted and need to be reformatted with a new file system Tip: Maybe your Seagate external hard drive beeps 11 times but not recognized with a flashing light or you meet hard drive beeping and not booting. In this case, the disk is completely damaged an unusable; there is not any way to retrieve the data back. The only option is to contact the disk manufacturer for help

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This is the detailed tutorial on how to wipe Seagate external hard disk drive. If what you need to reset is Seagate external SSD, refer to the following context. Reset Seagate SSD to factory settings. Step 1.. Connect the Seagate solid-state drive to a Windows 7 computer via SATA port (since SSD Secure Erase is only workable in Windows at present) Maxtor is owned by Seagate now. Could just be the bridge interface that gave up and not the drive itself. I've watched a YouTube video before where someone removed their old portable hard disk from it's enclosure, and then put it into a brand new cheap USB 3.0 hard disk enclosure (good ones are under $15 USD)

If you can't delete files with receiving the message - The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable, this might be related with corrupted file system. You can run disk checking utility by following the steps below: 1. Open File Explorer, locate the drive that you need to fix, right-click it and choose Properties among listed options Formatting process configures hard disk with new file system, after which the old and corrupted file system will be replaced. However, formatting will definitely lead to data loss. So before you start, do necessary data recovery (MiniTool Partition Wizard can recover 1GB data for free) A hard drive is corrupted. Virus or Malware infection. The external hard drive is physically damaged. The external hard drive was removed improperly. The USB Port might be damaged or not working correctly. How to fix 'The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable' If Seatools clears your drive, well and good. If you consider that the corrupt Recycle bin was the cause, fix it and check whether your drive is accessible. If the drive is still unaccessible, then consider writing zeros to the drive using Seatools, and then format your drive. (Make sure that you wipe the correct Drive. Symptom of The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable issue I have a 1TH external hard drive purchased 2 years ago and it contains about 600GB data, most of which is backup copy. It is divided into three partitions used to store different data

Copied files a few times on same external hard disk: copies corruptedd On an external USB drive, WD Elements, 4TB (Notebook Medion akoya P8614) some files obviously became corrupted after copying them on the same drive (the files are not copied from another drive, but may be such files can become corrupted also) Hard disk might be corrupted due to different reasons and the external hard drive spoil more easily. Here we explore the different reasons for which hard drives can become corrupt and show you how to repair a corrupted external hard drive and recover data from a corrupted external hard drive easily Part 3: How To Fix Unreadable and Corrupted Hard Disk? Try using your hard drive on another PC, if your PC can't detect it. It will solidify the fact that the disk is corrupt, It is essential to check the power supply of both the PC and the drive. My Seagate External Hard Drive is not responding when connected to a computer. It spins.

Doing so may corrupt your disk and result in partial or total data loss!! Also, you can minimize the odds of corruption by turning off write caching for your external hard drive Open Device Manage Seagate Data Recovery Seagate external hard drive not recognized,recover data from Seagate external hard disk not detected not working not showing up in PC Windows 7 Windows 10 8 mac,recover data from seagate internal hard disk which is not detecting Seagate backup plus expansion central freeagent goflex home barracuda 7200.12 blackarmor 1tb 2tb 500gb 3tb 1.5tb 4tb 8tb 16tb 10tb,Seagate. Presence of excess number of bad sectors on the external hard disk drive could corrupt the disk and make it unreadable; The above mentioned are some of the common instances due to which your external hard drive can become unreadable. However, Remo Recover data recovery program will easily retrieve all files from the disk in just a few clicks

Crashed External Hard Disk Recovery. This page gets you the detailed information about recovering data from crashed external hard disk on Windows operating system. Get Data from Damaged External Hard Disk. Recovering lost or inaccessible data from damaged external hard drive is no more a difficult task with aid of recovery tool When you receive file record segment is unreadable in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, it means that your hard drive may be corrupted physically or logically. And you are at risk of losing your data if there are several file record segments become unreadable due to bad sectors In order to repair a corrupted external hard drive, one needs to: Download and launch the trial version of Diskinternals Partition Recovery, Diskinternals' recovery wizard will start automatically, Select the corrupted external disk and a recovery..

3 Major Seagate Hard Disk Problems - Ways to Repair

The good news is that you have a good chance to get back lost files from corrupted hard drive, as there are lots of hard drive recovery programs and methods that can deal with this issue. You can keep reading and see how to restore data from corrupted hard drive and removable devices. Software to recover files form corrupted hard disk Sometimes, you face a situation when your Seagate external hard drive becomes undetected on the computer. If you have an undetected Seagate external hard drive and looking for solutions to fix the issue, you've landed on the right page.In this post, we've mentioned the fixes to resolve the undetected Seagate external hard drive issue and ways to recover data from an undetected hard drive Hard drive are also a piece of hard drive that sometimes run into problems. If you want to repair a corrupt hard drive, there are many ways. You can use built-in Windows components such as Command.

I have an external Seagate hard drive and it was working fine. But now When I connected to my computer I found all files are missing but shows occupied space. Is there any solution to resolve files missing from external hard drive but still taking up space in Windows OS. David Hoker Users folder not visible in windows 10 Seagate is among the most popular brand for manufacturing system internal and external hard drive. Seagate hard drive comes with large storage capacity where a user can store a number of different type of files such as media files (images, music files and video clips), Word documents, spreadsheet, Zip files, EXE files, program files, system files, PowerPoint files, and more

Brader, harddisk ane mengalami hal seperti diatas, The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable. Setelah mencoba cara pertama dan kedua gagal, saya coba cara ketiga, setelah prosesnya 100% keluar bacaan correcting errors in the Master File Table (MFT) mirror. correcting errors in the Master File Table's (MFT) DATA attribute The File Or Directory Is Corrupted And Unreadable - Seagate Backup Aug 15, 2015. I just moved from 64 bit Windows 7 to 10 so I backed everything on my 4TB Seagate Backup Plus external drive. I also have Carbonite so all is not lost if it comes to that. I made a base Image using Macrium Reflect that I still would like to get back though Power failure: While transferring of files from system to Seagate external hard drive, if there is any sudden power fluctuation then it might end up corrupting the external hard drive. However, one can easily restore data from a corrupted Seagate external hard disk using our highly proficient software

140,000 hard drives fail every week. However, a failed hard drive doesn't necessarily mean that all of your content is gone forever — there is hope. If your hard drive stops working here are a couple things you can do right off the bat. Get Your Data Back - Our Data Recovery Software is a quick, easy, do-it-yourself way to get your data back Hi I have a seagate external hard drive (500gb) It says the hard drive is corrupted and unreadable. When I go on properties and try to run disk check it tells me the disk is not accessable,so I can not run check disk

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Hi, please help. I have important files on my external hard drive which worked perfectly until now. It is an Alink 2.5mobile hard disk - I think? I can see the drive in my directory but there are no details on size etc and when I try to open it, I get the message that 'K is not accessible. The file or dircetory is corrupted and unreadable.' To recover data from corrupted Seagate external hard drive you can use Kernel for Windows Data Recovery Software. It is so efficient data recovery software to recover data from Windows file system. It can recover data from formatted, corrupted or deleted partitions of storage media

Table of Contents:.My file or directory is corrupted and unreadable on Windows 10Seagate external hard drive recovery when its file or directory iscorrupted and unreadable - forunreadable Seagate portable HDD recoveryWhen connecting a Seagate external hard disk drive to your computer or laptop, it may berecognized as an external device in 'My Computer' Open elevated Command Prompt (Admin mode) corrupted hard drive repair using CMD. Type diskpart command and press Enter. Type list disk and press Enter. Select the disk where the partition exists.. When your files get lost from external hard drive due to deletion, formatting, partition corruption, disk broken, etc. you can follow guides in this article to recover data from external hard disk completely and quickly. External hard drive recovery can be easily achieved with the help of effective HDD recovery software If a disk is roughly disconnected while the operating system is accessing it, the disk's file system may be damaged, causing the disk (and the files on it) to become inaccessible. When attempting to mount the disk, the computer will be unable to recognize the file system or may see it as unallocated space (and therefore ask to format the disk)

Attack the platter to render a hard-disk unreadable No matter how thorough a data-wiping program is, the only way to be certain that a hard-drive's data is unrecoverable is by rendering the drive's.. External Hard drive corrupted and unreadable fix File or Directory is Corrupted and Unreadable on Seagate External HDD By : Justin Ehsan Record or Directory is Corrupted and Unreadab... Hard disk Future Technology 201 In Computer Management -> disk Management, right click on the Disk that is giving you problems -> properties Write down the location of the Problem disk Open Device Manager -> under Disk Drives Find the Problem disk by location compariso i have a 320 seagate external hard drive and it was having trouble working but i got it to work, its been working fine till out of nowhere it stopped and said corrupt and unreadable while i was using it. now its flashing green, stops then continues, and it cannot be read. it said the drive is active and healthy and it says its working properly yet its not showing up on the drive. why did it.

Accessing and Assessing a Hard Drive's S.M.A.R.T. Data to Determine if There is Physical Damage. Being able to effectively analyze the S.M.A.R.T. data on a hard disk drive (HDD) enables you to quickly identify problems that can aid you in recovering all of the data from it before it becomes irretrievable or requires significant expense to retrieve A 500GB Seagate Replica external hard drive is showing as 2048GB in computer management (not shown in windows explorer). The number of sectors is totally wrong, about 4 times of the correct number. I wonder if there is any easy fix, such as reset the number of sectors to the correct value How to repair the external hard drive, SD card or even USB drives through EaseUS Partition. If none of the options above can solve the cannot open volume for direct access issue, you should go for a professional tool.This when we introduce a tool called EaseUS Free Partition Software.This is an excellent alternative to basic CHKDSK feature The Seagate FreeAgent Go is a portable external drive for photos, music, videos, and more by Seagate. FreeAgent external hard drives range in size from 60 GB to 3 TB. The FreeAgent Go was released in May 2010 as an updated range of FreeAgent drives including the FreeAgent Desk, FreeAgent GoFlex, and FreeAgent Xtreme That post also has info about testing the external enclosure's hard drive. Apparently, the Windows version of Seagate's SeaTools can test any hard drive brand when it's in an external enclosure. Do the long test

To put it simply: If you're hearing any sort of unusual sounds from a dropped external hard drive, turn it off immediately. It's past the point of home repair. The drive doesn't seem to turn on at all. It's possible (if unlikely) that the electronic component of your hard drive was damaged File record segment is unreadable indicates that there is a problem with the hard drive. This could mean that the hard drive was corrupted physically or logically, is failing, and you are at risk of losing your data. It is possible that multiple bad sectors on the hard disk are resulting in this error [SOLVED] Install an Operating System on Your Hard Disk Issue, How to Fix the File Directory When it is Corrupted and Unreadable, If You Cannot Access USB Drive on Windows 10, How to Unpartition an External or Internal Hard Drive, If the Hard Drive Disappeared on Windows 10, [SOLVED] How to Recover Files from a Hard Drive that Won't Boot, Fix. I own a Maxtor 3200 external hard drive which has worked well until recently. Today it stopped recognizing data within the hard drive. The drive would appear in the My computer section of my laptop but the drive was labeled RAW and when i clicked on it I was given the message that it needed to be formatted before it could be used

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We have been saving pictures onto our Maxtor external hard drive (500GB) by directly moving it off of our C drive onto the device. It has been working great for almost a year now, but we just discovered that two folders (our 2007 and 2008 pictures) are inaccessible and we get this message when we try to open it: F:\2007 Pictures and Videos is not accessible My external hard disk suddenly becomes inaccessible. Whenever I try to access it, it says: The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now? The chkdsk command should have worked, but it didn't. Here's what I did. chkdsk J: /F. where J refers to the corrupted partition..and here's the output: The type of the file system is NTFS Seagate hard drive data recovery - seagate external hard drive recovery software to recover deleted files from seagate external hard drive Seagate backup plus, Seagate freeagent goflex,Seagate Barracuda,Seagate wireless plus,Seagate Expansion,Seagate central - recover data from seagate external hard drive not recognized/not working/not showing up/not detected in bios/device disk managment pc. The disk not being recognized (as opposed to being recognized and found empty or with unreadable data) seems to indicate either a completely blasted disk, which chkdsk isn't wont to do, or something wrong with the partition table or geometry of the disk, or the way the USB enclosure handles it. A hardware failure is also possible

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Before learning how to fix a corrupted external hard drive Windows 7 and Windows 10, use iBeesoft Data Recovery to retrieve all the disk files. The recovery wizard is an effective medium, as it recognizes all the file formats and helps you scan and recover files in a few simple steps Simple to use Free External Hard Drive Data Recovery software which allows you to quickly restore any type of files that you lost from the external hard drive Like WD, Seagate, Toshiba, Transcend. Whle using the hard disk yesterday, the drive got disconnected suddenly and is now no longer working. When I click it, it shows O:\ is not accessible. The disk Structure is corrupted and unreadable. I connected the disk to mulitple laptops but the problems still persists At our London data recovery office on Lombard Street we had a person turn up for assistance with their hard drive that had exactly this problem. The enquirer contacted us by using the form on the right hand side of page and left this message: File data is corrupt and unreadable on trying to select and explore the drive. I have about 2TB of. Laptop DVD-RW Issue: The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable I am working on someones laptop with the complaint that the DVD drive stopped working. It was working last night

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Quickly Fix - The Disk Structure Is Corrupted and Unreadabl

I bought this hard drive because Seagate is a trusted brand, and I needed a reliable hard drive for my freelance video work. After a few weeks, there was some kind of malfunction in the hard drive which caused a very important piece of video to be corrupted and impossible to recover Disk Drill also includes helpful hard drive management utilities that cover everything from data backup to hard drive health monitoring. Even though Disk Drill is the tool of choice for many IT professionals, it still manages to be just as accessible and easy to use as data recovery tools aimed at complete beginners The external hard drive becomes unreadable and corrupted due to carelessly disconnecting or powering down the industry without following the eject drive protocol. It performs Seagate external hard drive recovery of files from all Windows file system like FAT32, FAT16, NTFS5, NTFS, exFAT and is well-matched to run on the operating system of. › my hard disk is corrupted n i don't want to loose my picture › External Hard disk is corrupted › how to access corrupted externel hard disks? › Hard disk is corrupted and unreadable › errors on exe files › Hard Disk problems - file corruption › sf loppy.sys is corrupted How to delete corrupted+unreadable file from external hard drive? Hi, I have an iomega external hard drive and I'm trying to delete a folder (of photos) from it but it doesn't let me. and attempt to delete it... this sometimes works... or download teenpup or something to boot from the disk... and attempt to delete this way windows in no.

File:Disk-structureMini Hard Disk USB » Gadget FlowDell&Guns - Dell Optiplex 9020 Micro harddisk and RAMTech Time Warp of the Week: The World’s First Hard Drive

How to Fix a Corrupted External Hard Drive at Home

Recover corrupted external hard disk using chkdsk. Want to recover files? You can try to fix the corrupted external drive. Then, see below and learn how to recover corrupted external hard disk using cmd. Start with the detailed steps. Step 1. Type cmd in the search box and right click it, then select run as administrator. Step 2 The Best External Hard Drives for 2021 Laptop hard drive almost full? Need to back up your photos and videos? Desktop-size and portable platter-based storage has never been cheaper How to recover data from Seagate external hard drive? This post provides a simple and free solution to Seagate data recovery. Free download the free Seagate data recovery software Eassos Recovery Free to recover lost files from deletion, formatting, RAW Continue reading Free download Bitwar data recovery software to recover data from hard drive, media card, iPhone and Android phone, etc. I accidentally formatted pictures from Seagate external hard disk and recovered them with Bitwar's help. Jacky iPhone Data How to Fix The Disk Structure is Corrupted and Unreadable Best USB Drivers for Mac 2020

Fix The Disk Structure Is Corrupted and Unreadabl

Well, you can fix Seagate external hard drive driver not recognized by simply uninstall the external hard drive driver. To do so, follow the below steps: To do so, follow the below steps: Firstly, make a click on the Start option and then click on Start option Good quality Seagate external hard drive. It works as it should and data transfer speed is very fast, as expected on USB 3.0. The only downside is that the hard drive takes some time to start up and can be somewhat noisy when transferring data at high speeds, which is expected from a hard drive of this size and quality I'm in Windows, and I was hoping you could confirm a few things. Windows sees the corrupted drive and assigns it a letter, but on clicking the drive, it states H:/ is not accessible. The file directory is corrupted and unreadable In Self Image under Input I've selected drive and under Input Location \Device\Harddisk3 (Entire Disk Seagate Expansion 4TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive — $89.99 (List Price $119.99) WD My Passport 5TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive — $109.00 (List Price $149.99) Want to Save Even More

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