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The herbicide cost per acre spreadsheet should not be the only factor in choosing a product. In addition to cost, the following factors should be considered: weeds controlled, label use restrictions, grazing and harvest restrictions, residual control, potential impacts on other crops that have been or will be planted in the future (e.g. legumes. Primarily due to higher herbicide cost, variable cost per acre in 2021 is projected to be $237 per acre ($4.31 per bushel), which is $18 below the peak variable cost of $255 in 2018. Like corn, fixed cost per acre peaked in 2015 at $375, and is projected to be $342 per acre in 2021

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  1. ating key yield-robbing weeds from the field. On-target application Calculate average cost per acre. Based on typical application rate
  2. If the density of plants per acre makes the manual extraction or herbicide treatment cost prohibitive, you can go with either broadcast herbicide at $250+ per acre or prescribed burn at $1 to $10 per acre or a combination of both, as long as the size of your land and the location of the cacti will allow for it
  3. If you mean to hire it done--not legal to do it yourself unless you hold a pesticide license--then the going rate is somewhere near 120 to 150 per acre. That is $240 to 300. If you treat spring summer and fall--and you should--it will cost more of course. If you omit the fertilizer--bad idea--it would be slightly less
  4. Per acre $282.46 $322.81 $319.62 $344.81 $355.77 $377.24 Yield: bushels Per bushel $1.56 $1.78 $1.59 $1.72 $1.61 $1.71 per acre Total cost per acre $605.27 $664.42 $733.01 $ Total cost per bushel $3.34 $3.31 $3.32 $ 1/ Apply Nitrogen, tandem disk, field cultivate, plant, and spray. See the Estimated Machinery Costs table
  5. Then, multiply the acres per tank by the herbicide needed per acre to find the herbicide to put in each tankful. For example: Assume you have a 30-foot sprayer that holds 500 gallons, and you want to apply an herbicide at 3 pounds of active ingredient per acre. The product comes as an 80 percent wettable powder

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Keystone Pest Solutions Acuron Herbicide (2.5 Gallons) [100-1466] - Acuron Herbicide (2.5 Gallons) Acuron Herbicide provides multiple effective modes of action that are needed to control the toughest weeds in corn, like waterhemp. With four active ingredients and three effective modes of action (Group 15, 27 and 5) for multi-targeted control of the most difficult weeds in corn Acuron provides. $4 plus $6 plus $4 = $14. Even if you are in no-till using Prowl, your cost will likely still be just $20 per acre. Yes, I said JUST $20 per acre. At $8 per bushel soybeans, that's 2.5 bushels. If you have many weeds at all, it is likely that 5 to 10 bushels per acre could be lost

Weed and feed is a combination herbicide (broadleaf weed killer) and fertilizer applied topically to lawns. Treatment price for organic weed and feed applications is $75-$80 for a 1,000- to 5,000-square-foot lawn and $100-$105 for an approximately 10,000-square-foot lawn Mix to calibrated rate of gallons per acre output of spray unit being used. For MOST handgun & backpack applications, these rates apply : 2 qt/acre = 1.28 oz x # of gallons water = oz of herbicide for mixture (Eg. For a 3 gallon backpack: 1.28 x 3 = 3.84 ) 1 qt/acre = .64 oz x # of gallons water = oz of herbicide for mixture (Eg Slated for sale in November for the 2021 growing season, Kyber includes 3 herbicide sites of action—pyroxasulfone (Group 15), flumioxazin (Group 14) and metribuzin (Group 5). Its use rate will be 1 pint per acre, and Kyber can be mixed with labeled products, says Aaron Smith, U.S. product manager for soybean herbicides for Corteva Pesticide costs were $33 per acre in 2000, increasing to $49 per acre in 2012, an average annual increase of 4%. There was a large increase in 2013 when pesticide costs increased from $49 per acre to $66 per acre in 2013. Pesticide costs then stayed in the $60 range for the next three years: $67 in 2015, $66 in 2015, and $64 in 2016

A 5 fl oz rate of Rejuvra™ or Esplande™ is estimated to cost around $42 an acre for the product, without factoring in the additional cost of adding glyphosate, rimsulfuron, or Plateau® as a tank mix partner to control already emerged cheatgrass. Whether or not Rejuvra™ is worth the cost really comes down to the particular operation High-Volume Foliar Application: High volume foliar treatments may be applied at rates equivalent to a maximum of 20fl oz per acre per annual growing season. Spot Application: Spot treatments may be applied at 40 fl ozs of DuraCor ® per acre, if an application is not made to more than 50% of the treatable acre. Spray volume should be sufficient. Probably $42 soybeans. $45 corn. 4oz authority first, round up, 2,4d as bean pre. $24 acre. 36 0z of Liberty + clethodim bean post, $18 an acre. Corn is cinch ATZ, roundup, 2,4d, pre at $20 an acre. Post is realm Q + 1 qt atrazine at $23-25 an acre. Edited by doathlon 1/30/2017 14:5

A 20%-refuge is planted with varieties that do not contain insect resistant traits, but do include herbicide tolerance. Seeding rates for corn are 27,000 seeds per acre on low productivity soils and 33,000 seeds per acre on average and high productivity soils. Soybean seed prices include Round-Up Ready® varieties. Rotatio Resicore ® herbicide controls more than 75 of the toughest grasses and broadleaf weeds found in cornfields. Versatility The wide rate range of Resicore allows farmers to apply from preplant to postemergence to meet the needs of their farm. Calculate average cost per acre The cost per acre is comparable to the application of GrazonNext HL at the rate of 24 oz per acre. MezaVue TM (Aminopyralid + Picloram + Fluroxypyr) is a non-restricted post-emergence herbicide that can provide weed control in permanent grassland systems (annual and perennial grasses grown for grazing or hay) and in Conservation Reserve Program. (Target Yield per Acre / BE Yield) Note: This budget is only a guide and is not intended as an in depth study of the cost of production of this industry. Interpretation and utilization of this information is the responsibility of the user. Crop Production Costs 2021 Guidelines (Dollars Per Acre) Profitability Analysis Breakeven Analysi The total cost per bushel of soybeans is projected at $9.13 for non-herbicide-tolerant beans at 56 bushels per acre. The average price for corn is near $3.90 per bushel in recent projections for the 2019 crop marketing year, showing the potential for a slight profit for most yield levels, says Plastina

Greater than 4 inches - 4 pints (/Acre) Perennials: Suppression or top growth control 2 - 4 pints. (/Acre) Seasonal control 4 - 8 pints (/Acre) Wheat injury may occur if interval between application and planting is less than 10 days for each pint/acre used. Add 0.5% volume approved surfactant (1qt per acre) to Range Star when used alone or in. Esplanade 200 SC is advancing weed control. Unlike anything else on the market, this pre-emergent herbicide features a new mode of action, providing effective, long-lasting control. Developed for the industrial vegetation management industry, Esplanade is ideal for use around railroads, roadsides, etc According to Magnificent Services in San Jose, California, a key element to weed control is prevention. Pre-emergence is the stage before the weeds actually appear on your property, and Magnificent Services charges $65 per application of pre-emergent on a 1,000- to 5,000-square-foot lawn and $90 per application on an approximately 10,000-square-foot lawn Keystone Pest Solutions Cobra Herbicide (2.5 Gallons) [59639-34] - Cobra Herbicide (2.5 Gallons) Cobra Herbicide delivers superior post-emergence control over a broad spectrum of weeds. Not only does Cobra effectively manage glyphosate-resistant weeds in a variety of crops, it also suppresses white mold in soybeans. Cobra provides control of more than 54 problem weeds, including waterhemp. Apply this product at the rate of 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 pints in 20 to 240 gallons of water per acre (0.91 to 1.29 fluid ounces in 0.5 to 5.5 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet). Before Seeding Instruction

Using an example of $10 per acre herbicide and application cost with stocker cattle stocked at 4 acres per head, the break-even requires cattle to gain a $40 per head margin over a no-herbicide option Cost of production estimates, per bushel, for herbicide-tolerant soybeans are $8.89, $8.72 and $8.57 assuming 50, 56, and 62 bushels per acre, respectively. The total cost per bushel of soybeans is projected at $8.72 for non-herbicide-tolerant beans at 56 bpa, according to the report.. When breaking down the costs of production, the ISU update stated that, For corn, land represents. Ounces of herbicide per your backpack pump = (gallons for your backpack pump X recommended ounces per acre of herbicide) / (calibrated spray rate of your backpack pump) EXAMPLE: This example uses the overtop application of 1-year-old loblolly pine to release it from herbaceous weeds using Arsenal AC at 6 fluid ounces per acre treatments have a high material cost per acre, but typically manpower and equipment are the most expensive elements of this application. Doing it twice with a cheaper mix costs more than doing it once with the right mix. An increasingly important issue with TVC treatments is herbicide resistance. Many weeds are geneticall Custom application of fertilizer and herbicide cost $8.75, and custom air spray costs $8 per acre. Harvest costs are estimated for four harvests at $17.25 per acre with custom swathing, custom raking and baling (4-by-4-by-8-foot bales) 7 tons at $22 per ton, and custom stacking 7 tons at $6.25 per ton

According to Fm-1698, the average application cost is $4.30 per acre. The cost of the Roundup needed to destroy the existing stand was approximately $3.75 per acre. The entire cost of destroying the existing stand would be approximately $8.05 per acre Just curious as to what your solutions cost per 1000 feet of broadleaf herbicide. This does NOT include fertilizer, crab grass control etc. A product that I am using is $.65 per 1000 square feet and I want to see if that is reasonable. The product is Speedzone, a product by PBI Gordon. I am currently paying $160 for a 2.5 gallon jug If the density of plants per acre makes the manual extraction or herbicide treatment cost prohibitive, you can go with either broadcast herbicide at $250+ per acre or prescribed burn at $1 to $10 per acre or a combination of both, as long as the size of your land and the location of the cacti will allow for it. Return to Top. Cheapest Way to. This pesticide contains 8 lbs. of a.i. per gallon of formulation. 3 lbs. per acre / 8 lbs. a.i. per gallon = 0.375 gallons per acre or 1 ½ quarts per acre (0.375 x 4) or 3 pints per acres (0.375 x 8) Example 7b You have calibrated a 300 gallon sprayer. It can spray 7.5 acres per tank at 40 GPA. A recommendation indicates to apply ½ pound a.i. Beginning in 2020, farmers and ranchers will be able to use new DuraCor herbicide from Corteva Agriscience, the company announced Dec. 17. DuraCor features Rinskor active, the first new active ingredient for broadleaf weed control in pastures and rangeland in nearly 15 years

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  1. HERBICIDE COST: The costs per acre for low and high rates are listed, however it does not include the cost of additives . Price does not reflect special marketing programs; always consult your dealer for actual price . RESISTANCE MANAGEMENT: The table on page 2 contains a brief description o
  2. 32 to 43 fl oz/acre; a second application can be applied at 32 to 43 fl oz/acre up to a yearly maximum of 87 fl oz/acre: Cumulative maximum per year: 87 fl oz/acre: 87 fl oz/acre: Adjuvants: Ammonium sulfate at 1.5 to 3 lb/acre: Ammonium sulfate at 1.5 to 3 lb/acre: Spray volum
  3. g 50, 56 and 62 bu./acre, respectively. The total cost per bushel of soybeans is projected at $9.13 for non-herbicide-tolerant beans at 56 bu./acre, according to the report
  4. This is $30 per acre higher than 2018. Variable costs increased $25 per acre or 4 percent, other nonland costs increases $7 per acres, and land costs decreased $2 per acre. In 2019, cash costs accounted for 47 percent of the total cost of production for corn, other nonland costs were 29 percent, and land costs were 24 percent
  5. Cost comparison of conventional vs. Roundup Ready and RR2Y soybean programs Cost Herbicide Applica-tion rate (oz/acre) Tim-ing Herbicide Application Seed* Total Estimated risk 1. Roundup PowerMax 22 Post $6 $4 $45/70 $55/90 Moderate 2. Touchdown Total / Touchdown Total 24/24 Early Post / Post $12 $8 $45/70 $65/90 Low 3. Valor
  6. Use 2 gallons or more per acre total spray volume. Five gallons per acre or greater will generally provide better coverage and better control, particularly in dense and/or tall foliage. High-Volume Foliar Application High volume foliar treatments may be applied at rates equivalent to a maximum of 20 fl oz per acre per annual growing season
  7. opyralid 8.95% + Rinskor 0.76% Herbicide Mode of Action: 4 + 4 EPA Registration Number: 62719-73

How Outlook ® Herbicide Works Small weeds can pose a big threat to your crop. Outlook will protect your investment with powerful, consistent control of grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds such as waterhemp, pigweed and nightshade GrazonNext HL Herbicide is applied at 19-34 fl oz per acre (43,560 sq ft). For dry formulations such as wettable powders, granules and dusts, the amount of a.i. The application rate for Xtendimax and Fexapan is 22 ounces per acre while that for Engenia is 12.8 ounces per acre. Calculate average cost per acre A final stand of between 14,000 and 26,000 plants per weed control (up to at least three weeks following sun-acre is adequate for oil-type hybrids. This normally flower emergence) is the most critical to allow the crop requires 3 to 5 pounds of seed per acre. The number of to gain that competitive advantage (Figure 2)

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Remedy Ultra Specialty Herbicide Weed Killer & Brush Control At Rangeland, Pasture and Fence Lines, Triclopyr Concentrated, Use Alone Or Tank Mix With GrazonNext/ForeFront HL Herbicide, 1 Gallon 4.7 out of 5 stars 29 Gramoxone SL 2.0 Herbicide. With fast-acting results in as little as 48 hours, Gramoxone ® SL 2.0 delivers convenient, flexible and dependable burndown of emerged grass and broadleaf weeds. It even targets the most difficult-to-control weeds, such as barnyardgrass, Florida beggarweed, Italian ryegrass, Johnsongrass, Palmer amaranth, morning glory and sicklepod The application rate for Xtendimax and Fexapan is 22 ounces per acre while that for Engenia is 12.8 ounces per acre. The herbicide resistance traits in the Enlist Weed Control System confer resistance to glyphosate (Roundup PowerMAX, Roundup WeatherMAX, etc.), glufosinate (Liberty 280, Interline, etc), and 2,4-D choline Cost of production estimates for herbicide-tolerant soybeans amount to $9.16, $8.94 and $8.74 per bushel for target yields of 50, 56 and 62 bushels per acre, respectively. The total cost per bushel of soybeans is projected at $9.04 for non-herbicide-tolerant beans at 56 bushels per acre, according to the report

With our concentrated formulations, only ounces are needed to treat the same number of acres as opposed to pints or quarts per acre for most other crop protection products. For instance, it would take a grower only 3 fl oz of Laudis ® herbicide to treat an acre of corn compared to 4 pts (2 qts) of Halex ® GT, based on the maximum label use rates Also, when spraying Enlist E3 soybeans, you can also use Roundup (glyphosate), Liberty (glufosinate), or any conventional soybean herbicide, which is why we expect a huge percent of U.S. soybean acres to go to Enlist E3 this year. We have been using Enlist One on our farm for 5 years now, including well before it was labeled

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  1. g of application, crop seeding rate, competitiveness of crop, herbicides used, length of growing season in that location, etc
  2. Herbicide: Formulation: Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) Mix Rate: This product should be applied at a rate of 2-12 oz per acre of land. The amount of water needed varies depending on application method. For more specific application rates please refer to the label. Shelf Life: This product will last up to 2 years when stored in a cool, dry.
  3. The cost of production for soybeans is $268.85 per acre and the cost for the winter cover crop, oats, is $31.39 per acre. Including the rent for land, the total cost in year 0, the pre-establishment year, is $444.84 per acre. 2. Cost of production in year 1 (Establishment) The costs incurred in year 1 are for establishment of the Liberty stand

1. Enlist Duo is a premix of 2,4-D choline and glyphosate with a maximum application rate of 4.75 pints per acre. 2. Xtendimax with VaporGrip, Engenia, and FeXapan plus VaporGrip are dicamba-only herbicide products and contain no glyphosate. 3. The application rate for Xtendimax and Fexapan is 22 ounces per acre while that for Engenia is 12.8. This study assumes the grower owns 10 acres, valued at $10,000 per acre, and rents 830 acres, rented at $425 per acre. This study assumes 100% of farmed land is rented. For more details about owned and rented land, please refer to the Cash Overhead Costs and Non-Cash Overhead Costs sections. Cultural Practices and Material Input All rates should be entered as a Broadcast Rate, Banded Acre amounts of product are calculated by filling in Row Width and Band Width values. Herbicides are listed in mixing order. Herbicide Rate and Sprayer Info entry is the responsibility of the user and should consult product labels and sugarbeet production guide contract for a total cost of $70,199.53. The cost per acre for Parcel No. 3 was $1,823 based on 38.5 acres treated and the cost per metric ton was $40. The total possible revenue from the biomass if removed would have been $3,482.66. The work was completed in 21 days with no complications. The actual cost for Florida Environmental Clearing was.

Gallons of pesticide per acre = application rate (pounds per acre) ÷ concentration or acid equivalent. Example Suppose you want to apply 1.5 pounds of 2,4-D per acre and the 2,4-D contains 4 pounds of active ingredient per gallon. Gallons of 2,4-D per acre = 1.5 pounds per acre ÷ 4 pounds per gallon = 0.375 gallon per acre or 3/8 gallon per acre Average Cost to Fertilize Lawns Per Acre. Fertilizing an acre starts at $2,000. Professionals determine the price based on size. Most lawns are 5,000 to 11,000 square feet, or under 1/8 to 1/4 of an acre. Know the size of the treatable area before negotiating with lawn care professionals 32-48 oz/acre Chopper® + 1-1.5 qt/acre Garlon® 4 + MSO (2.5% vol/vol late spring/summer or 1-1.5% vol/vol for August or later applications) Other site preparation mixtures are sometimes pre-scribed with varying rates of any of the above products. These applications will work but may use more herbicide Cadre herbicide controls over 30 grasses and broadleaf weeds, including nutsedge, pigweed and morningglory. Add in excellent crop safety and a wide window of application, and it is no wonder peanut growers have relied upon Cadre for more than 20 years

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CROSSBOW SPECIALTY HERBICIDE 1 Gal. - 1+ Acre Coverage . Crossbow Herbicide Low Volatile Weed and Brush Herbicide For the control of most kinds of unwanted trees and brush, as well as annual and perennial broadleaf weeds on rangeland, permanent grass pastures, conservation reserve program (CRP) acres, fence rows, non-irrigation ditchbanks, roadsides, othe Cost of Reforestation - Herbicide Application: $125.00 +/- Per Acre (This will prevent unwanted vegetation from competing with young pines) - Controlled Burn: $60.00 +/- Per Acre (This will remove all remaining debris) - Planting: $75.00 +/- Per Acre* (This includes 500 +/- pine seedlings per acre and the labor of planting Fill up the rest of the tank with water and you are ready to spray. Dimension comes in two sizes, 1/2 gallon and 2.5 gallon jugs. 1/2 a gallon of Dimension will treat 2-4 acres and the 2.5 gallon jug will treat 10-20 acres. Use 0.4 to 0.7oz of dimension per 1000 square feet or 1-2 pints per acre

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after treatment was achieved with the 8 PT/A rate of Grazon P+D (61%) at a herbicide cost of $38.07/acre, while the 2.6 PT/A rate of GrazonNext was the least expensive at $11.19/acre and provided 46% control. All herbicides were applied at or near the maximum labeled rate for broadcast application on Macartney rose Apply Remedy® Ultra herbicide in broadcast applications at rates of 1 pint to 4 quarts per acre in a total spray volume of 5 or more gallons per acre by air or 10 to 20 gallons per acre by ground. Treat when weeds are actively growing and not stressed by drought or other conditions The appropriate full label rate for those conditions would be 6.45 dry ounces per acre. This label has already calculated the amount of active ingredient applied per acre: 0.25 lb sulfentrazone per acre. Next, I need to find the herbicide with sulfentrazone as the only active ingredient to compare this rate to. That product is Spartan For corn, the cost was about $32 per acre, or about a quarter of the total per-acre purchased input. Weed control costs for wheat are about $6 per acre, or about 5 percent of the total per-acre purchased inputs. A decade later, these costs are about the same. However, in most situations, herbicide use is still the most economical means to.

Cost of Reforestation - Herbicide Application: $125.00 +/- Per Acre (This will prevent unwanted vegetation from competing with the young pines) - Controlled Burn: $60.00 +/- Per Acre (This will remove all remaining debris) - Planting: $75.00 +/- Per Acre* (This includes 500 +/- pine seedlings per acre and the labor of planting For better results, use 0.5 oz. Express herbicide per acre. **See the specific Weed Instructions section of this label for more information † Naturally occurring resistant biotypes are known to occur. When to Apply Apply Express herbicide using a minimum spray volume of 5 GPA using flat-fan nozzles or 2 GPA by air to provide good weed control Cost per acre is the total of seed, fertilizer, chemical, other, custom, drying, interest, equipment, and land costs. Cost per bushel is the cost per acre divided by yield. Return per acre is the quantity of yield times price with cost per acre then subtracted. Return per acre is the amount of money left over to pay for other items not easily. The tables are calculated on a per acre basis. The top portion of each table shows income. Yield times price equals total production return per acre. Adding miscellaneous income (straw, crop insurance, e.g.) equals the gross return per acre. The next portion of each table shows expenses. Again, all on a per acre basis

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On average, herbicide programs that can effectively delay the evolution of herbicide resistance cost between $50 and $162 per acre, depending on the crop. Corn and soybean herbicide programs tend to be much less expensive, in part because there are far more herbicides to choose from The best way to use this herbicide is to apply it at 1.25 quarts per acre pre-emergence and then follow with a planned post application of a herbicide premix like Halex GT or Capreno. A 2.5-quart-per-acre rate of Acuron provides 0.65 pounds active ingredient of atrazine. Armezon PRO (Armezon + Outlook) Rate: 14-24 ounces per acre. Positive herbicide resistance costs producers from $1.1 to 1.5 billion annually in terms of increased herbicide use and decreased yield and quality.2 Specifically, wild oat herbicide resistance costs Prairie growers an average of $12/acre in increased herbicide use and yield loss.3 From a longer-term perspective, herbicide resistance also threaten So the amount of acid equivalent in one gallon of formulated product is: Again, we applied 28 ounces (0.22 gallon) per acre of each formulation, and since they both contain five pounds active ingredient per gallon, the amount of active ingredient applied is equal. The amount of acid applied (that part of the formulation that actually controls the weed) for each formulation is NOT equal The cost per acre per application makes it an attractive herbicide, especially if a grower has many acres to treat. Table 13 shows a comparison of rotation on the percent of field corn acres treated with herbicides in New York in 1994

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glyphosate - 1 to 2 qt per acre. The ammount of water you use depends on three things: 1. the width of your spray cone coming from the nozzle. 2. How fast the spray is flowing out the nozzle, oz/min, gal/min, ect. 3. How fast you are traveling(MPH). If you can measure these three things, then you can calculate how much water you will use to. Sample Calculations - 1 • You need to spread a crabgrass herbicideYou need to spread a crabgrass herbicide over 2400 sq.ft. • You purchase a 25 lb bag of the herbicideYou purchase a 25 lb bag of the herbicide . • The label states that the contents of the b ill 5 000 ftbag will cover 5,000 sq.ft. • How much of the bag will be needed? • 2400 sq.ft. / 5000 sq.ft. per bag = 0.48 ba (costs based on projected yield of 1.5 tonnes/acre (70 bu/acre)) Feed Barley Malting Barley Your Farm Budget Sample Costs/ Acre Sample Costs/ Acre Expenses for Grain. Seed 1.0-1.4 million seeds/acre, certified seed 56.40 56.40 Fertility 113 kg/ha N (246 kg/ha Urea (Northern Ontario — Feed) 53.65 Enlist Duo ® herbicide: Spray 4.75 pints per acre. Enlist One ® herbicide: Spray 2 pints per acre. Spray pressure. Use an appropriate spray pressure based on product label requirements and conditions to ensure optimum coverage. Ground speed, product volume and nozzle selection all factor into the appropriate spray pressure

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Rate of application: For pre-emergence grass and broadleaf weed control, apply Dimension 2EW specialty herbicide as single or sequential application at 1 to 2 pints (0.25 to 0.5 lb active ingredient) per acre.Applicators may choose to make a single application or sequential applications of 1 to 2 pints per acre at 5 to 10 week intervals based on various factors listed on the label Aerial Herbicide Application is the most economical herbicide application tool, and the proof is in our results, costs, and long term customers. Long Term Results. S uggested Rotation for Aerial Herbicide Application is 3-5 years. Many sites can exceed 5 years with selective chemistry. With extended rotation, the cost savings increase over time

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Per acre Per gallon of water (spot treatment) 2.1 pints GrazonNext HL 13 mL (1/2 oz) GrazonNext HL 8 oz non-ionic surfactant 9.5 mL (1/3 oz) non-ionic surfactant Per acre Per gallon of water (spot treatment) 2.5 pints 2,4-D ester 16 mL (1/2 oz) 2,4-D ester 8 oz dicamba 3 mL (1/10 oz) dicamb The combination of seed and chemical cost for the HT soybeans was $39.46 per acre while the NHT soybeans registered a slightly higher cost at $39.49 per acre. Total direct costs per acre favored the HT varieties at $114.18 with the NHT combining for an average total of $119.53 per acre

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• Broadcast brush control: 3.3 ounces per acre GrazonNext™ HL Herbicide • Traditional liquid herbicide that can be easily measured for backpack sprayers • Choice when tank-mixing with liquid fertilizer • Gentle to desirable grasses, including bahia Application • Flexible rates (1.2 - 2.1 pints/acre), depending on target weed Estimated Costs of Ag Decision Maker. Pasture and Hay Production . File A1-15 . T. his report summarizes estimated costs of improving pasture by five different systems. For each system, both the initial cost per acre and the annual main-tenance cost per acre are presented. In addition, costs of establishing alfalfa or alfalfa-grass hay meadows. 7. Ounces of water caught = gallons per acre. 8. Divide gallons per acre into the number of gallons in the spray tank to determine how many acres will be sprayed. Add the appropriate amount of herbicide for the number of acres to be sprayed. Nozzle spacing and length of calibration course Nozzle spacing (inches) 18 20 30 4 Surfactant information will include cost per gallon and application rate. Labor cost will include the total hourly labor rate for all workers combined and time estimated to complete an acre. Plant density will be the number of plants per acre of land to be treated. The cost calculator also provides the ability to name and save the projects. Sample costs for labor, materials, equipment and custom services are based on current figures. Your Costs columns in Tables 2, 3, 5 and 6 are provided for entering your farm costs. Table 1 shows the summary of costs for flood irrigated alfalfa per acre over four years. Tables 2-4 show costs per acre for establishing an alfalfa stand

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