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Stiho is al sinds 1926 dé groothandel in bouwmaterialen en levert aan bouwend Nederland. Duurzame bouwmaterialen van hoge kwaliteit. Persoonlijke service en deskundig advies Made of flexible PVC that flexes with ground movement Resists chemicals, UV rays and fungus growth Formulated to compression seal cast-iron sewer pipe without the use of cement or mortar Ideal for compression sealing drain, waste and vent connections, including sockets, hubs, bells and spigot Since cast iron is no longer used for residential sewer systems, you need a way to connect new PVC pipe to your old cast iron system. Or you're thinking about repairing leaks in an older home's system to prolong the inevitable — replacing the entire system (which, btw, is our recommendation)

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  1. We don't often have to connect PVC To a cast iron bell. We mostly connect a cast iron male end to a PVC male end using a NO-Hub Band or a Fernco Neoprene Coupling. However when we have to we treat it like a regular poured joint. The only difference being the as soon as we pour the lead we immediately pour cold water on the joint to cool it.
  2. Hello all, I'm working on a bathroom replacing a tub. I've removed the tub and old drain connections, but now I'm down to the old cast iron trap with a bell on the end. I need to connect new 1 1/2 pvc for the new drain. How do you join the new pvc to the old iron bell? It looks like the trap pipe itself is 2, but the bell flares out to like 2 3/4
  3. First cut your PVC pipe so it is longer and can be inserted a good 6 inches into the cast iron pipe without restricting any other flow in the system. Place the rubber union on the PVC Pipe and then insert the PVC pipe into the center of the cast iron pipe. Now tighten down the hose clamps to make the connection
  4. Ok I thought the hard part was going to be getting the cast iron seperated. I drilled the lead and got the cast iron seperated at the Bell, I got a Fernco that goes inside the cast iron Bell and the pvc goes inside the fernco. I can Not get it to go in, I tried putting the fernco in 1st then the pvc. this just pushed the fernco in further

How connect cast iron pipe hub to a pvc pipe using rubber gasket Provides restraint for bell & spigot joints, transitions, couplings and mechanical joints. Nominal Sizes 4 - 36 inches. Working Pressure PVC up to 200 psi, ductile iron up to 150 psi. Pipe Compatibility Ductile iron, C900, C905 and IPS size PVC

Bell Joint Leak Clamps For Use on Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, C900 PVC and Steel Size PVC Bell Joint Leak Clamps provide a fast and economical way of repairing leaking joints on Cast and Ductile Iron or PVC pipe without the necessity of recaulking or cutting out the joint. Bell Joint Leak Clamps are easy to install. The clam Brand new and great video!!!: How to install a toilet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfVzwc9Lixs --~--If you need the wrench that I am using please go to.. To make it easier to adapt ABS and PVC to cast iron, the ABS and PVC fitting manufacturers created the ABS and PVC No-Hub Adapter fitting. One side glues over ABS or PVC and the other side is the same size as no-hub cast iron pipe


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Plastic Sealant, Base Polyurethane, Size 10.1 oz., Container Type Cartridge, Color Gray, Specific Gravity 1.58, Flash Point 140 Degrees F, Full Cure 24 hr., Application Time 30 min., Dry Time 45 min. to 1 hr., VOC 27g/L, Meets ASTM C83 These P-trap adapters easily adapt schedule 40 ABS or PVC, cast iron or steel pipes coming out of the wall or floor to tubular OD trap or tubing sizes. These are used under sinks and laundry trays where the tubular fittings are adjustable with slip joint nuts and washers U-3 Uni-Flange® Pipe Restraint and Adapter Flange Numbering System UFR1400 - DA - 12 - XL C = C900/C905 PVC D = Ductile Iron Pipe S = Steel Size (IPS) PVC Pipe (steel pipe for UFA200/400/420 only) Z = SO-EZ OPTIONS XL = Extra Large Diameter for Class C and D Gray Cast Iron Pipe (4 - 12 UFR1400 only

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a DI spigot into a PVC bell. INSERTING PVC SPIGOTS INTO IRON BELLS - EASILY ACCOMPLISHED BELL-SOCKET DEPTHS DI pipe has shorter bell sockets than PVC pipe. Prior to inserting a PVC spigot into a DI bell, two modifications are required: 1. Bevel: the beveled end of the PVC spigot should be removed and the resulting square outer edge should b Just to clarify there are two different kinds of cast iron pipe and fittings, hub (bell) and spigot and no-hub soil pipe. No hub soil pipe is much more common than hub and spigot soil pipe. Hub and spigot soil pipe joints are either caulked joints or made with neoprene rubber that are compressed as the pipe enters the hub sealing the joint

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Fernco 1056-43 - 4 x 3 Flexible Coupling (Connects Cast Iron, PVC, Steel or Lead) - This coupling transitions 4 cast iron or PVC to 3 cast iron or PVC. Application: Drain Sewer Vent Piping Waste Dimensions: Overall Length: 4.03 Overall Width: 5.1 In this picture the cast iron pipe hub is on the left. It is possible to remove the lead and oakum. After you have gotten all the lead out and cleaned up the hub, you can place a donut (also known as a compression joint seal) in the hub of the cast iron pipe to adapt it to PVC. (Note that donuts are only usable on non-pressurized pipes, such as. The cast-iron Hub adapter series will connect plastic dwv schedule 40 or schedule 30 piping directly into the hub of cast-iron (soil) pipe without packing, chemical mixtures, or other materials The resultant joint is water and Gas tigh Plumbing Supply Now has Bell Traps in stock such as Caulk Bell Traps, Cast Iron Bell Traps, No Hub Bell traps with hinged lid and more. Order Onlin Modern cast-iron pipe is made by spinning the metal and the pipe wall thickness is uniform. Cast Iron vs PVC. If I were building a new home today, all of my drain lines would be modern cast iron. All my vent lines would be PVC. Watch my plumbing vent line video below to see this complex system of pipes that exists in the walls and ceilings of.

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JCM 143 for C-900 PVC, Ductile Iron and Caulk Joint Cast Iron - sizes 4 - 12 For the repair of leaking bell spigot joints. Provides permanent repair of leaks due to aging systems, deteriorating gaskets and fillers, rolled or dislocated gaskets. JCM 143 Fabricated Bell Joint Leak Clamps 14 and Larger Fabricated large diameter bell join leak [ PVC is easyer to use and find (and less expensive) then cast Iron. there already is a transition from PVC above ground, into the cast iron. Looks like it is a rubber gasket that went over the end of the PVC pipe and it was wedged into the wide end of the cast iron pipe Keeney 400PVCK PVC P-Trap Pipe Kit with Reducing Washer and Adapter, 1-1/2-Inch or 1-1/4-Inch x 1-1 Sioux Chief Cast-Iron Bell-Trap Floor Strainer Cover. Sioux Chief Mfg Chief-846-S11PK Sioux Chief 846-S11PK 6-5/8-Inch Cast Iron Strainer An approved soil adapter is required by code when making a connection between PVC and Cast Iron hub. This adapter is made to work with rubber compression fitting that goes into CI hub and then you insert the adapter. Unfortunately, this NIBCO adapter has a lip at the spigot end that is too large to fit into approved rubber multi-tite donut

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6 in. x 6 in. x 2 in. No Hub Cast Iron Bell Trap with Hinged Lid The 6 in. x 6 in. x 2 in. Cast Iron No Hub The 6 in. x 6 in. x 2 in. Cast Iron No Hub Bell Trap is for your floor drainage. It features a hinged lid, attached bell and spigot outlet. The no-hub connection requires no caulk Ductile Iron Coupling - PVC Steel Pipe. Model #212. Ductile Iron Coupling - Transition. Model #214. Ductile Iron Coupling - End Cap. Model #215. Ductile Iron Optimum Rg - Long Length. Flanged Adapters/Dismantling Joints. Model #301. Cast Flanged Adapter. Model #301. Restrained Cast Flanged Adapter. Model #303. Fabricated Flanged Adapter. Cast Iron, PVC, ABS, and CPVC pipe and fittings for plumbing and industrial systems Cast Iron and Plastics price data files compile data, including prices, for all Charlotte Pipe products. Both Cast Iron and Plastics price data files contain comma-separated values that can be downloaded to an existing database.. Bell joint leak clamp. Used for repair or leak prevention in bells, caulked or rubber ring joints. Nominal Sizes 4 - 14 inches. Working Pressure Up to 150 psi. Pipe Compatibility Cast iron, ductile iron and C900 PVC pip

HDPE, Inc. offers a full product line of transition fittings that provide connectivity between high-density polyethylene and other types of pipe materials. These fittings eliminate the need for labor consuming tie-rods, strapping and/or thrust blocking, keeping the pipe from separating under hydraulic pressure and/or soil movement This will seal the connection fairly well by filling in the area around the joint where the cast iron meets the pvc. In addition you should follow up the sealer by installing a rubber coupling. These couplings must be placed on the pipe before you make the physical connection and then forced down over the joint and held in place with a. Removing cast iron hubs; Author: Anonymous User The barb is referred to as a spigot, as in bell & spigot pipe. It's only on fittings & the end of the pipe, so if you have a short piece of cast iron in a hub it will most likely not have a spigot. Pvc to schedule 40 steel... same diameters. Cast iron( service weight or no hub) has. Smith-Blair 274 Bell Joint Leak Clamps provide a fast, economical means of sealing or preventing leaks in cast iron bell, and spigot caulked or rubber ring joints. The design of the Kee-Lok® gaskets and Bell-Spigot rings enable a single clamp to fit both caulked and rubber ring joints on virtually all classes and brands of cast iron pipe in nominal sizes up to 36-inches

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C900 is the American Water Works Association (AWWA) standard for cast-iron-pipe-equivalent outside diameter PVC pressure pipe and fabricated fittings covering nominal pipe sizes from 4 inches through 12 inches. C900 pipes and fittings must comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act requirements, meaning for potable water transmission and. Cast and malleable iron Fittings for cast iron pipe fall under hubless and bell-and-spigot styles. Hubless designs rely on elastomeric couplers that are secured to the outer diameters of the pipe or fitting by clamps, usually a stainless steel band clamp that compresses the elastomeric material and forms a seal Jones hens brand plumbing oatey pvc 6 in x bell trap bat floor drain construction plumbing homeowner s bell gossett steam trap 25 psi 162 Floor Drain BasicsHow To Seal Bat Water Traps With OilFloor Drain BasicsFloor Drain Article About By The DictionaryEverything You Need To Know About Plumbing TrapsOatey Pvc 9 In X Bell Read More Miscellaneous DWV Plumbing Supplies. Bell traps are used for floor drains in basements and garages. They come in PVC and cast iron. The auto plumbing vent is used in a 1 1/2 drain line, normally connected in a Y or tee and is used to provide venting when the vent stack is too far away from a sink A no-hub connector is the standard coupler to join PVC and cast iron pipes. They are available in many sizes, so make sure you purchase the one best suited for your particular needs. Step 4 Tighten the bolts on the cast iron pipe end of the coupling. This tightening clamp will accept either a socket wrench or a Phillips screwdriver

Extra Heavy Cast Iron Pipe is a thick hub and spigot soil pipe made out of cast iron. It can also be referred to bell and spigot pipe. In other versions it can be hubless, and known as no hub pipe. Each joint is connected using molten lead and oakum, or neoprene compression gaskets. No hub pipe utilizes hubless coupling methods DIY Kettlebells for Under $10: While looking for ways to change up our current workout program, I came across the Russian Kettlebell. Kettlebells are typically cast iron cannonballs with handles. They provide a great, well-rounded workout for strength tra Pvc to cast iron bell [ 1 Answers ] Hello all, I'm working on a bathroom replacing a tub. I've removed the tub and old drain connections, but now I'm down to the old cast iron trap with a bell on the end. I need to connect new 1 1/2 pvc for the new drain. How do you join the new pvc to the old iron bell? It looks like the trap.. STYLE 516. Bell joint leak clamp. Manufactured in the USA. USE Provide a fast, economical means of repairing or preventing leaks in cast iron bells, caulked or rubber ring joints.Our unique gasket and ring design enables a single clamp to fit both caulked and rubber ring joints for most classes of cast iron and ductile iron pipe within a nominal size

What is the best way to mate a new 2 PVC drain into an existing 3 cast iron bell that is part of the 4` cast iron vent stack. The previous arrangement was 2 galvanised into the bell, sealed with oakum and lead. I looked at the Fernco thick rubber gaskets but the cast iron bell seems a bit out of round so I am unsure of how effective a seal I can get taking that route For the most part, the last houses with underslab cast iron sewer pipes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area were built around 1985. However, by then many houses were being built with PVC sewer pipes. So most houses with cast iron plumbing were built before 1980. Meaning most people's cast iron systems in the North Texas area are more than 35 years old 4-in x 2-in dia Reducer Cast Iron Fitting. Model #SV 00143 1000. Compare; Find My Store. for pricing and availability. Charlotte Pipe. Back in the day, each city had its own standard when it came to size. Due to the lack of standardization, we stock a large assortment of sizes from 2-13/16 all the way up to 14. We have general-purpose cast iron strainers, plastic strainers, some bell strainers, as well as heavy-duty strainer grates in both round and square sizes The bell end is attached to the sanitary vent. A few inches above the bell, on the sanitary vent, the shower drain tees in. There is some sort of black plastic gasket inside the bell connecting the bell and the vent. The lower part of the 90 goes into a cast iron reducer, which in turn, goes into a cast iron Y. All cast iron parts are connecte

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Oatey® Drains come in the widest variety of sizes, materials and configurations. PVC, cast iron, ABS, no matter what your shower drain need, Oatey has the part you need to do the job right. Oatey Drain Types include Preformed Base Drains, Solvent Weld Shower Drains, Caulking and Threading Shower Drains, Shower Drains for built-up showers, General Purpose Drains and more Hitting the cast iron pipe fittings with a hammer will cause the rust to come loose further and will make it easier for you to remove the pipe. Be careful not to use too much force, or you might do more harm than good by damaging the pipe. A few solid hits will probably do the job. Anything more may be hazardous and destructive

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The cast-iron kettlebell, often referred to as the original kettlebell, is made of just that, cast-iron. The handle and weight are consistent in material and design. The vinyl kettlebell is generally similar to the cast-iron, but has an added vinyl coating that covers the weight and sometimes the handle The manufacturing of Ductile iron pipe uses a Centrifugal Casting method where the iron is poured into a spinning mold. These molds can vary in length by up to 5/8-inches. In order to cast the bell and hold the molten iron in the mold during the casting process, a sand core is installed in one end of the mold Star® Pipe Products is a domestic & global manufacturer for a broad array of iron products for the water and wastewater industries. Established in 1981, Star® Pipe Products is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has been delivering quality products and services for over 40 years Mounted Downspout Boots. Durability - Cast iron downspout boots are fully resistant to damage by impact and general wear and tear. While plastic and fabricated sheet metal downspout boots are easily damaged, broken or scarred, cast iron downspout boots will last as long as the building and maintain their original appearance


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Made by Sioux Chief for replacement in their 866 Series bell trap drains. Actual diameter of the strainer is 7 - 13/16. Strainer holes around the outside of the bell measure 7/16. Made be used in other PVC bell trap drains, but be sure that measurements below match what you need to replace Cast-iron bell and spigot pipe over 2 is used for the drainage inside the house and for the vent system. These pipes come in standard lengths of 5 and up to 6 in diameter. For most purposes, a 4 pipe will be sufficient except for the kitchen sink-drain, where a 2 pipe is used. Cast-iron pipe is cut with a cold chisel..

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Product Details. Provide a fast, economical means of repairing or preventing leaks in cast iron bells, caulked or rubber ring joints; Unique design enables a single clamp to fit both caulked and rubber ring joints for most classes of cast iron and ductile iron pipe within a nominal siz Just a warning - cast iron pipe is very hard, but also very brittle. It can be broken with a hammer. Once the pipe is cut off a mission fitting, a rubber fitting that slips over the pipe and fastened to the pipe with stainless steel clamps, is used between the cast and the ABS or PVC Once one end of the coupling is secured to the cast iron pipe, you can get your plastic pipe. Step 3 - Attach PVC Pipe. Next, you should insert the plastic pipe into the coupling, creating a connection between the cast iron pipe and the plastic pipe. Tighten the remaining screws on the coupling making sure the screws are tight

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